Sunday, July 12, 2015

Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling

I'm so glad that I decided to re-read these books right now. Because oh, how I am loving them. Reading this book again was a lot of fun. And I loved it so much. Harry is amazing. The Weasleys are so adorable. I love Ron and Hermione. I love the school. I love Hagrid. Just, I have so much love for this book.

I like how every book in this series is about one year at Hogwarts. Harry must spend every summer with the Dursleys. And oh my god. I can't stand them. I really can't. They are so awful towards him. They never get him anything. And they are cruel, in a way. Did not like the small part of them in this book.

There is so much to love about Chamber of Secrets. The writing is gorgeous. I liked it more in this than I did in the first one. This book is special to me. I loved reading about Harry and all his problems. Things aren't going very well for him. He is getting blamed for just about everything, and I must admit to loving that, hah. There was this new teacher in this one. And oh, how he annoyed me. How he annoyed Harry. And it was so much fun to read about. This book is awesome. And not nearly as dark as the books that are coming up.. sigh. Yet still a bit heartbreaking, even so. The writing is lovely. The characters are all perfection to read about. The plot is awesome. All of it is so. I'm so happy that I loved re-reading this gorgeous book.

So much is happening in this one. I don't think I will describe much of it. But I have some thoughts to share. I adore the friendship between Harry and Ron and Hermione. It is stunning to read about. Though I also feel like we don't get to see nearly enough of it, and that makes me a bit sad. Hmph. But I'm okay. Probably. Because there is so much amazing happening at all times. I like reading about Harry's sort of hate relationship with Draco. It's awesome. I don't fully hate this boy. He's a bully, but not the worst one.

I also liked reading about the sport in this book. How awesome Harry is at it. How great he is at flying. I'm all kinds of jealous, though, as I have always wanted to fly. I still adore reading about the different classes in these books. Though not too much about it, so I didn't get tired of it. I keep thinking that I don't see how people could love Snape after book seven, but so far I don't hate him at all. He just seems a bit grumpy, maybe. But yeah. Not liking him much either, to tell the truth. He is interesting, though.

The plot in this book is all kinds of exciting. I loved the mystery about the Chamber of Secrets. About who was turning so many people almost into stone. About the whispering that only Harry could hear. About that annoying Dobby, and all the awful but meant in a good way things he did. I loved reading about the different creatures in this one. Huge spiders. Shudders. Those were awesome. And huge snake. And just, yeah. It was a lot of fun to read about and I can't seem to say much more than that :)

I wish there were tons of things I could say about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. But my mind seems empty. Probably because this book is so awesome that I have no negative things to talk about, hah :) So my review is a lot shorter than usual. But that's okay. I just wanted to share about how much I adored re-reading this book. And how happy I am that I did this right now. You all need to read the Harry Potter books. If you have only read book one, you should know that this one is even better. It's so good.


  1. I enjoyed reading this. This was not my favorite in the series, but I agree with your ideas about despising the Dursleys for their cruelty toward Harry and how Snape was just grumpy. At the same time, he possessed a great bias throughout the series.

  2. I loved this series. This is reminding me to re-read this series again.

  3. <3<3 I'm rereading the series currently as well! And I completely concur that there is so much to love about about CoS! I love that the story is darker, the characters becoming more fleshed out since PS, and how both of these trends continue with every subsequent book. And the set-up of the diary as a horcrux is pretty clever thinking on Jo's part.


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