Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

This book is the best. Truly. And the most amazing in this trilogy. Just. Sigh. I cannot with how amazing this book is. And I'm so glad to have read it a third time. These books means so much to me. Though they have broken my heart again and again. Yet they have also made my heart the most happy.

I'm not sure how to talk about this book. It is so long. Well, it isn't nearly long enough, but it took very long to read. And I loved that. I just really wish it hadn't ended. And I wish there had been even more about Lyra and Will in this one. Sniffs. Yet it was also the perfect amount of everything, and I loved it all.

I should say that this is still the most heartbreaking ending I have ever read. And I doubt that will ever change. But it is also the most amazing book. And I couldn't love it more. Despite that devil ending. Because I also have hope. As I feel like I read a lot of hints about what might be coming next, how the ending might change. And I hope. Oh, how I hope. And if the ending doesn't get changed, well, then I will be heartbroken until the end of times. Sigh. But I still have hope. Because Philip Pullman is currently writing The Book of Dust, which might publish late 2016, and my gosh. It will be about Lyra. And that is all I know about it. But I know it will be long. And I have hope that it might have Will too. Pretty please. Crossing my fingers :)

The Amber Spyglass is such an amazing book. And I have such a high love for it. I loved reading from Lyra and Will the most, because they are the bestest, but I also really did enjoy reading from the other characters as well. As they are all interesting. And Mary is awesome. I grew to really love Lyra's mother. I feel like I did understand her. So yeah. I liked her. Sniffs. And her father too. Well. Sort of. He could have done better. But what they both did near the end was so amazing and I really loved them for it.

There is so much in this book. So much. And I shall not talk about it all. I just really need to share some of my feelings for this book, again. As I felt so much reading it for the third time. I loved it even more, I'm sure. And I love Lyra and Will even more than I did before. I shall never stop loving them. But oh. I want more. I want so much more. This cannot be the end of them. It cannot be. Sniffs. But even so, it is such an amazing final book too. Just. So heartbreaking. But full of so many amazing moments. Sigh.

I couldn't even begin to talk about everything happening in this book. I loved all of it so much. I loved reading about the fight with the angels. I loved reading about the angels sort of protecting Will. And the new small people too. They were so brave. I loved reading more about the bears. I adored the new creatures that Mary became friends with. It was awesome to read about them, and how they lived, and the creepy birds that lived near them. Shudders. Overall, this book is so damn exciting. I loved it so.

All the things happening in this book. The visit to the world of the dead. The war with heaven. The pain with the dæmons. And oh my gosh. The romance. The friendship between Lyra and Will. And how it slowly turns into something more. Sure, they are young, but not too young. And their romance is the sweetest thing in the world. The first kiss. SWOONS. I have never loved a kiss more. And I just. My heart is breaking. It is the sweetest thing. And the most heartbreaking. I just cannot deal with it. Sobs.

I could probably talk about The Amber Spyglass forever. And I wish to. But I shall not. I just really wanted to mention how much I loved this book. And how special it is to my heart. And how much I adore Will and Lyra. They are just so damn adorable. And so brave. And so cute. And just the very best characters I have read about. Sniffs. I can't deal with how amazing these books have been. And now I want to read them a fourth time right away. How mean. This book stole my heart, though. And it hurts so badly.

I have loved reading the Folio versions of these books. Though it was also very stressful, as I tried so hard not to damage them in any way, yet I do have a very hairy cat, so there is a lot of cat hair. Sigh. But that's okay. Probably. I'm considering buying a second set of these. Ack. Though.. expensive. Yet so beautiful. And yeah. I just cannot decide :D The artwork in this book is stunning too. <3 Though there were not that many images at all, sniffs. Wishing there had been more. But they were all gorgeous.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love these books by Philip Pullman. They are simply the best. And I love Lyra and Will with all my heart. They are forever my favorite characters. Sniffs. And this world. Sigh. It is the bestest. Oh, I just want more and more. I have read all his books from this universe, but I shall also check out the other books by Philip. Hoping they might be half as awesome as this trilogy is, hih :) Either way, I cannot wait to read more books by him. Because these books are perfection. <3

My collection of all things Philip Pullman, so far. <3


  1. You make me want to reread this series so bad!! And really, it has been quite a while since I first read and fell in love with them (I think maybe over a decade ago?!). And ZOMG Philip Pullman is writing another book about Lyra?!! SO exciting!

  2. Wow what a pretty edition of these books! I read this series a long time ago---a reread wouldn't be a bad idea---especially since the movie didn't do it any justice.

  3. This is such an amazing series and I totally want to re-read them, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to re-read this one right now. That ending killed me when I first read them and I know my emotional state wouldn't survive it right now!
    Amazing review as always sweetie!


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