Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review: A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab

This book. This book was all kinds of perfection. I mean, I know I would love this book. Because that cover is all kinds of epic. The summary is amazing. And I adore the author. Victoria is all kinds of awesome. And I have adored her for quite a while now. But I was also a little bit nervous. But I shouldn't have been.

Because. Damn. A Darker Shade of Magic was perfect in every single way. It is exciting. It is dangerous. It is thrilling. It is evil. And I loved every moment of it. This book was just epic. The writing is all kinds of gorgeous. The characters are oh so amazing. This book was so perfect for me. I really loved it.

I probably won't be able to describe this book all that well. Which happens when I really love something. I find it hard to talk about all the amazing things, because every single thing were amazing. Sigh. But I shall try. First, I think this is an adult book. Though the characters are twenty one and nineteen. Either way, it does not matter to me. Because it is written in a type of way I love. And I knew right away that I loved both main characters in this book. Well. I loved all the characters. Even the villains. Because every single character in this book is written so well. And I really enjoyed reading about all of them. But mostly Kell. Whom is now a really big favorite of mine. Sigh. He is just all kinds of perfect. And oh so exciting to read about.

There are so many amazing characters in this book. First there is Kell. Whom is all kinds of awesome. I loved all the magic he could do. And the way he lives. How the prince is his brother. How he travels between the worlds. Just, everything he did. Kell was the best. And his point of view was so damn amazing and I just could not get enough of him. Sigh. I really hope book two will be most from his point of view. I shall be crossing my fingers. Because I need to know more about him. Ack. Kell is the best.

Then there is Lila. Whom I also really truly loved. She was amazing. So fierce and dangerous and sweet too. I loved how loyal she was as well, after some time. I loved how she sort of cared for someone. How she sort of grew to care for Kell. Sigh. She was amazing to read about. A stunning thief. I loved her. There isn't romance in this book. Pfff. I would say that there is. Because Kell and Lila seems meant to be. And they are amazing together. And oh, how I really want there to be more between them. Eeek.

But then. Then there is Rhy, the prince. And Kell's best friend. And oh. I really loved him too. He was amazing to read about. I just wish he was in this book more. Nothing from his point of view. Hmph. But I still know that he is amazing. Because he is. And oh how I loved the relationship between him and Kell. They are adorable. And yeah. I might sort of see more between them. Ack. Yes, I know, it is probably never happening, but I want it to. Because they are epic together. And I love them both so much. Sigh.

Then there are all the villains in this book. And there is a lot of them. But the most exciting ones were the twins, Astrid and Athos. Shudders. They are so brutal. So evil. So damaged. And I really enjoyed reading about them. Ack. I loved their White London. So awful. Yet I'm so curious. They were awesome villains. And then. Holland. Shudders. I cannot. He was. Ugh. I hated him. Then I sort of liked him. And hated him at the same time. Even so, he was an really amazing character to read about. They all were.

But the plot in this book. I can't talk about the plot. Because there is so much. And it is so exciting. And I truly loved ever moment of it. The travelling between the worlds. Though there are only three. Previously four. I loved reading about Red London. And Grey London. And White London. And learning about Black London. Oh, this story was just all kinds of fantastic. I really loved reading about Kell and Lila and their adventure together. And I am dying to read more about it. There must be so much more.

I'm pretty sure that I am now obsessed with this book. And I am thrilled about that. Sigh. I shall be looking into all the things. Like a bunch of fanart. I have seen some gorgeous things already, and sigh. So stunning. I am also dying for the two next books. Need them right away. Sniffs. I'm a bit worried about what might happen with the romance. I do not want Lila and Rhy together. I want Kell and Lila together. Or Kell and Rhy. Just. Please don't make it into a love triangle with Lila. Oh, I have hope.

Huge thank you to Leah at Tor Books for sending me this precious hardcover of A Darker Shade of Magic. <3 I wasn't expecting one, and it was the nicest surprise, as I really wanted this book. It is even a first edition! Eeek. My precious. Thank you Leah :) Anyway. I am so glad that I read this book now. Because it was so awesome. It shall forever mean a lot to me. Though now I am dying for more. Hmph. I shall also read Victoria's other book, Vicious, soon :D I cannot wait. So excited to read more from her.


  1. Awesome! I have this book to read this week, but unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to read it. Hopefully this weekend. I'm soo happy you loved this soo mch. :D

  2. YES! So glad you loved this book as well! I had a feeling that you would :D I can't wait to read book two!

    Fabulous review, Carina!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! SO SO HAPPY YOU ALSO LOVE THIS ONE CARINA! I adored it and it's amazing and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Kell and Lila and Rhys!!! I need the next book like noooooow!!

  4. YAY! I'm so glad you liked this! It's absolutely on my list to get and read soon, since everyone seems to love it. :D


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