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Review: Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

This book was amazing. I knew it would be, as I adore Rae, and her previous books have been all kinds of awesome. I had to start this book the moment I got it via Edelweiss. As I have been dying to read it for ages, and I was so curious. I'm glad I did. Because this book was so amazing. And I really loved it.

I love the cover for Walk on Earth a Stranger so much. It's gorgeous. And I cannot wait to see it in person. Though having read the book, I do not really get why the girl on the cover has long hair and a dress. In most of the book, Leah pretends to be a boy. But even so. This cover is very stunning. I really adore it.

I'm not really sure where to begin talking about this book. Because I loved every part of it. It is different from what I have read, and I loved that so much. I could not stop reading this book the moment I started it. Every part is exciting and oh so interesting. The writing is gorgeous, as always with Rae Carson. <3 I had no issues with it. This plot takes place in the Gold Rush era, 1849. Which I found to be all kinds of exciting, as I know nothing about it. Ack. I must do some research. I loved the time this story took place. I loved reading about all the things that happened. How people lived, how they all searched for gold. Just, everything.

There are so many characters in this amazing book. I shall try to mention a whole bunch of them. The main character is Leah, whom goes by the name Lee. This book is from her point of view, and I loved that so much. Because she is an amazing person. And so exciting to read about. I loved her so much. I loved getting to know her. I love how fierce and strong she is. How she does all the work. Loved how protective she is. I loved reading about her family, but goddamn. Heartbreak. And I adored her horse.

There is something special about Lee. She can sense where there is gold. And oh my gosh, I loved that so much. And I loved reading about how she did it. And gah. I wanted to see much more about it. But there isn't too much of it in this book. Hmph. But I'm not sad about that, because there weren't any gold where she was travelling. And I found the plot to be so exciting. Sigh. But yes. I really loved Lee's talent. It was amazing and I cannot wait to get to know more about it. Lee is all kinds of awesome. Loved her.

Her best friend is Jefferson. Whom I also really adored. We get to know him a lot, yet not enough, I think. I can't want to get to see more of him. But yeah. Him and Lee have an amazing friendship. And I really loved reading about them together. They are awesome. And I just really adored Jefferson. Sigh. Though I did not like how close he seemed with Therese. Hmph. But I don't think anything happened with them. Though I loved how all three of them were great friends. So yes. No love triangle in this book.

The plot of this book is different from what I imagined. Yet it was all kinds of perfect and even better than I thought it would be, which I loved. Something awful happens to Lee's family. She has to leave for California, and all the gold there. Such is the story of this book. Lee travels as a boy, to hide from someone. And her journey is so damn amazing. But oh. When she was robbed, my heart broke. It was so mean. Ugh. Yet amazing to read about. She met so many amazing people. I loved those with the boat.

So yeah. The plot of this book is with Lee traveling towards California. Which takes many months. And it is so damn exciting and amazing to read about. So much happens. Scary and exciting things. Some bad people. Some really great people. I adored Jasper, Tom and Henry. They were cute. I liked the Major. I found Therese to be cute. But Mrs. Joyner. And her husband. Ugh. Sometimes I hated them. And then sometimes I really liked them. But in the end, I did grow to love Mrs. Joyner. She was pretty amazing.

I wish I could talk for ages about the plot of this book. But I shall not. It is a pretty long book, yet when I read it, it felt too short. I loved every moment of it. This book is so exciting and different. I loved reading about Lee. And all the things she saw. How hard it was to travel like that. How many people died. And ugh. I thought this book was beautiful. And I'm so glad that I read it. But yeah. Now I am dying for much more. Also, I'm crossing all my fingers that I might find a print ARC of this beautiful book. <3

The romance in this book. The summary mentions a slow-burning romance. And, well, there really isn't much romance in this book at all. But then again, we know that Lee and Jefferson have feelings for each other. Sort of. And it slowly turns to more, but I feel like more will happen in the next book. And I cannot wait for it. They would make the most amazing couple and I ship them like crazy. I cannot wait to get to read about their awesome romance. Ack. Just really hoping there will be more romance in book two :D

In a way, I felt like Walk on Earth a Stranger was leading up to book two, which I guess will be even more exciting. But I also thought this book was so damn amazing. It's exciting. It's dangerous. It's just really interesting. And I loved every moment of it. Sure, most of it is walking around for months, but so much exciting happens. So much heartbreak. And I needed to know what would happen next all the time. I think this was an really amazing first book. Though now I'm really dying to read the next ones. Ack.

I don't think I have managed to fully share all my love for this book. But oh, how I loved it. I thought it was really amazing. And I think you should all read it right away, if you can. If not, go pre-order it so that you can read it in September. The wait will be worth it. Though my wait for book two might be way too long. Hmph. I have no patience :) Walk on Earth a Stranger is such a special book. It's so different and so exciting. I loved the time it takes place in. And the characters are perfection to read about.

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Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.


  1. Hoooray!! I'm so super excited to read this one and after reading your review even more!! I do hope I can get my hands on an ARC of this one at BEA!!
    Fantastic review sweetie!

  2. Glad you like it! Love the cover, so beautiful. Can't wait to read this book myself :)

  3. Oh man. I wish I were into these type of reads. I'm jealous of your enthusiasm! Lol.

  4. I'm glad that you loved this book Carina! I haven't finished Carson's other series, but this one looks amazing! I can't wait to check it out! :D

  5. Not reading this review to closely since I have this one but I'M GLAD YOU LOVED IT! I trust your opinion so I have no fount I will enjoy it as well.

    Excellent review, Carina!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  6. omg you read it already?!! Oh man, this makes me jealous... I might have to try requesting this one myself now. Actually, I STILL need to read Rae's first series!! So I should do that first. Anyways, I'm SUPER stoked you loved this one so much Carina because it makes me extra excited to get to it and really, to experience Rae's writing for my own (hopefully soon-ish!)!

  7. I too love Rae Carson's writing. All of her books are so well written. I need this book in my life!

  8. Ahhhhh, I love that you read this immediately! And I'm so happy you loved it! I just can't wait to read it, though I'll have to do so, at least a bit. I wish there were more romance, but I know Rae will make it worth our while in the end. :)

  9. I'm so so excited to read this, especially after your review! So glad you loved it. I grabbed it from Edelweiss too, as soon as I saw it up there. Hopefully I'll get to it soon! Awesome review, Carina :)

  10. Your enthusiasm for this book was infectious. As a result, your review was so much fun to read, and definitely made me want to head on over to grab my own copy! Thanks for so much for all of your great reviews.

  11. Rae sounds like a character I could relate with as well

  12. I'm so happy to hear you loved this, C! Harper declined me (SIGH, AGAIN), but hopefully I'll get it in the mail. :P The boy's relationship with the other girl worries me, but hopefully I won't be too bothered. I can't wait to read it!
    Lovely review, girl!

  13. I'm so nervous about this book! I want to love it but I've heard mixed things. However, I'm thrilled that you ended up liking it so much! Rae Carson seems to make her first books about the growth of the heroine and then the romance kicks up in book two. I'm hoping I can enjoy this and see the seeds of a great romance like you do. I'm guessing there are no other possibilities of directions the romance could take? And I'm a little worried about this other girl, but hoping it stays nothing. Thanks for your thoughts, Carina!


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