Monday, April 6, 2015

Review: The Storyspinner by Becky Wallace

When I heard about The Storyspinner I knew I would love it. Because it sounds all kinds of epic. And so many people I like have loved it. It took me a month to read it after I finally got it, though. And I'm so thrilled that I finally decided to read it today. Because I could not stop reading. This book was so damn good.

I liked this book from the very beginning. The writing is great. The story is awesome right away. I worried that I wouldn't like that there would be many point of views, but I didn't mind that at all. I loved it. And it is still mostly told from Johanna and Rafi. Whom I adore the most. But I loved all the characters.

I found The Storyspinner to be different. Sure, it has a few things that are the same from other books, you know, the lost princess, but that was it. I found the rest to be so different and so exiting and so perfect. I thought I would be annoyed at the whole lost princess thing. But I loved it to pieces. It is done in a really great way and it didn't annoy me once. Sigh. I just found this book to be so unique and perfect and I loved it a whole lot. It was very exciting. And I could not stop reading once I had started it. It was also very easy and fast to read. Which was depressing, hmph, as it ended way too fast, lol. End so cruel. It should not have ended there. Hmph. It was so evil. Wishing it had been lots longer. I cannot wait to hear about book two. <3

This is the story of Johanna. And oh, how I adored her. There were a few small times where she annoyed me a tiny bit, but I'm not caring about those moments. Because for the most part I really loved Jo. She is adorable. And kind. And loving. And I loved how she is with her family. Her father just died. Her mom is falling apart. I did not like her. Her older brother is trying his best to feed them all. She also have two younger brothers. And I really liked them both. They were amazing to read about. So cute. But, sniffs.

I really loved reading about Johanna. And her life as a Performer. And how she ended up meeting Lord Rafi. How she ends up working for him. And what it all means. And how exciting every moment of it is. Sigh. I shall not talk about all of it. But it is so interesting to read about and I really loved it. I found Jo to be so damn amazing and I adored reading about her. She's brave and strong. I cannot wait to get to know her more in the second book. Though that will be very painful too. Sad face. I'm so very excited.

Then there is also the boy. Rafi. Whom I loved to pieces. Okay, he and Johanna meets in a very different way. Which is kind of heartbreaking. Yet I loved it too. And I didn't fault Rafi for what happened, as it was sort of an accident. Maybe. Anyway. He is awesome. And his point of view is the best. Sigh. I also really loved his brother, Dom. He's amazing too. And his mom is all kinds of badass. I loved her. Hoping to see more of her in the sequel. Her brother was all kinds of great too. I liked him. Want more of him.

There is romance in this book. Johanna and Rafi are beyond adorable together. It starts off with a great dislike. But then it grows. And it is so sweet to read about. There is no triangle. And I don't see one coming on book two. So there better not be one. Hmph. But anyway. The romance. It is really awesome. Very slow. But also all kinds of amazing. I adored reading about them getting to know each other. And oh, how I ship them. I ship them so badly. They are just the cutest. And I want them together so much.

There are also a whole bunch of other characters in this book. Like the four Keepers. And oh, I really adored them too. I cannot write their names, hah, but they are all four amazing. And different. And I really loved reading about them. There is a great romance there too. Well. Beginning of what might become a romance. And it better be one. Hmph. Their story line is different. There is magic. And it is so exciting. I loved reading about them all. I must know more. I really must. I can't wait for book two.

Already said a bunch about this book. And I could probably say a whole lot more. But I shall not. The plot is all kinds of exciting. Johanna and Rafi are the best. There are some really bad people in this book too. Shudders. There are some truly heartbreaking deaths. It was so cruel. And I loved it to pieces. The ending ends in a bad place. So mean. Yet it also made me so happy, hah. I am dying to read book two. I must know more about it. I think the sequel will be even better than this first one. I can't wait for it.

The Storyspinner is an exciting fantasy book. It is full of surprises, exciting moments and gorgeous romance. The story is different and oh so special. I really liked this book. And I would suggest that you all read it. The plot is so exciting. The characters are amazing. The writing is gorgeous. And yeah. This book is just perfect. And I am so happy that I finally read it. Also thank you to Audrey at Simon & Schuster for the eARC a month back :) You are awesome. Though I read my gorgeous hardcover of it. <3


  1. I'm so excited you loved this one Carina! I thought you would since I loved it :-) Becky is a great writer and I can't wait to see where she takes the next book!

  2. Want to read this book someday, it sound like a book I would love. Love your review, Carina :)

  3. I have been seeing SO many fantastic reviews for this one, but I think your lovely review has finally made me decide to order it NOW. :D Love the sound of the characters, the romance, and especially the great writing. I can't wait to read this now. Thanks, Carina! :D

  4. Yeeeesssssssss. Rafi. Possibly my favorite part of this book. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book, Carina! I knew you would :D

    Excellent review!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. YES YES YES!! I'm so happy to hear you loved this one so much!! I need to get it because I've had it recommended from so many of my friends and now you too, so yes, this is a MUST HAVE FOR ME!

  6. I am so excited you loved this one, the cover wasn't really calling to me but I was still interested. I am so excited that it is very unique and that you loved the characters!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  7. The title def gets my attention as well as your points about what was enjoyable

  8. I just knew you'd love this book, C. :) It was such a great surprise! Really fun, romantic, and full of spirit. I can't wait for book 2! Hoping both romances stay triangle free..... they better!!!!
    Great review, girl! <3

  9. So weird. I haven't seen too many good reviews for this book lately, so I'm glad I found yours. I want to read it now, too!


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