Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

I have been meaning to read this book for a long time now. But I was worried that I wouldn't like it. But then I got accepted on Netgalley to read book two, and I knew I had to start this, finally. And I'm glad I did. Because I really did like it a whole lot. I've decided to give it four stars, as I had a few small issues :)

I'm not sure where to begin with this book. I found the writing to be really great, though sometimes I wondered a bit why the characters talked the way they did, and swore the way they did. A bit weird, but I liked it. I found this book to be really easy and fast to read, which I loved. And I really liked the characters too.

Storm Siren is told from the point of view of Nym, whom I really liked. Well, she was a bit harsh sometimes, and didn't see things about Eogan that I found obvious, which bothered me a bit, but overall I really liked her. And I loved reading from her point of view. As Nym is pretty amazing. And oh. I'm dying to know even more about her past. Just the few small things I know so far are breaking my heart. And I love it. I love sad stories, lol. And Nym have had it pretty bad. She is a slave. And have had so so many owners, since she was five years old. It broke my heart. Yet I wanted to know more about it all the time. Ack. But yeah. Nym is all kinds of strong and amazing. She's pretty fierce. I just really enjoyed getting to know her.

Then there are all the other characters in this book. My favorite was Eogan. I loved reading his relationship with Nym, and how it grew stronger. Then shattered. Then better. And ugh. Some things annoyed me, but for the most part I really enjoyed it. And getting to know Eogan was amazing. Though he has so many secrets. And I want to know them all. I felt like he was a really amazing person. Sure, he had made some bad mistakes in the past, but I didn't blame him for that. Hmph. He was ten years old.

In the beginning of this book Nym gets sold to Adora. Whom I could not stand. She was all kinds of awful and I did not like her one bit. Ugh. Though I did like reading about her, and her house, and her parties, and everything that happened. One of all who work for her is Breck. I'm still not sure how I felt about her. Sometimes I liked her, and thought she would be a great friend for Nym. But at times I also found her to be so annoying. And I didn't like that much. Sigh. Wishing I could have loved her more, though.

But oh. Breck has a brother. Colin. And I just. I hated that he was in love with Nym. How he tried to be with her a bunch of times. Almost made this a love triangle for me, which I would have despised. But it didn't happen. And while I disliked Colin at times, I also really liked him. Because he was a great friend for Nym. And I did find him pretty cute. Sort of. I did like reading about him, either way. And I loved reading about his powers. Sigh. Those were pretty awesome to read about and I really enjoyed that.

Because, yeah. Nym is a storm siren. She can summon lightning. And control the storm. Well. Not yet. But she has that power. And I found that to be all kinds of awesome. I loved reading about her training with Eogan and Colin. Loved reading about her growing stronger and controlling her powers more. It was pretty epic. I wish to read more about it, though. I loved the color of her hair, and her eyes. I loved how she could hurt people. So awesome. Kind of horrible too. Yet I couldn't help but love it. So interesting.

There are some pretty awesome characters in this book, like I mentioned. Some I really liked. But most I really hated. Ack. But I liked reading about them all. Most I'm curious about the war that is happening. The other lands. And all the weird creatures. What does a ferret-cat looks like? And those other awful creatures. Shudders. I would really love to have them described. And read more about them. I loved those parts. I found the warhorses to be pretty creepy too, which I loved. A whole bunch of animals.

The plot in Storm Siren is exciting. I felt like I read this book pretty fast, and I wasn't bored. Sure, some things could have happened a bit faster, and I wish Nym hadn't gotten so mad, but I really liked this book. And I loved reading about Nym training. And getting to know Eogan. And the others. I really liked all the twists. Mostly I just liked this book. Though the ending was pretty mean, ugh. Which makes me happy I have book two, which I shall be reading next :) I think you should all read this book. It's good.


  1. I had this book on my to read list for a very long time too! I just finished it recently as well. The way Eogan and Nym's relationship was so on-and-off annoyed me as well. I was like "either get together or let it go!" I'm so excited and amused to see that someone else has read it recently too. (I'm not the only one a little behind the loop!) :D

  2. That's good to know! I've also been going back and forth with this book. I bought it a while back, but have yet to pick it up. I'm glad there's a lot to like more than a few to hate. :)

  3. I have seen some great reviews of this book, mainly on Goodreads. I've been wanting to read it for awhile, and your review just confirmed the positive reviews I read. The relationship sounds a bit irritating, but if it doesn't detract from the story, then it shouldn't be *too* bad. The negative aspects seem pretty glaring, but I think I'll still give it a go.

  4. This book sounds fascinating Carina, I do love it when certain characters are able to make the story for you. I'm glad that there was no love triangle either and that despite some issues you were able to enjoy this one overall! :)

  5. I'm glad you got around to read this, Carina! I agree - I was scared a love triangle would start to form, but I'm SO happy it never went there... even though Colin seemed to try to make a move a couple of times. :P I'm glad Nym was all for Eogan, though. And *sigh* Eogan - I really love his character and his character twist.
    Great review as always, love!

  6. I'm so happy you enjoyed this one! I'm reading the sequel now and liking it a lot. I love Nym and her abilities and especially Eogan. It is a bit cliche that Colin liked Nym too, but I ended up liking their friendship and being so sad about what happened to him at the end of this. Great review!

  7. Being a character driven reader makes me appreciate that the characters were nice and likable in this one. It's a bit odd to see them acting strange in their speech and all, but otherwise it sounds okay! I hope you like the sequel :)


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