Friday, April 3, 2015

Book Recommendation: Lyra's Oxford by Philip Pullman

I know that this book is really short. And I already wrote a review for it last year. But oh. Since I just re-read His Dark Materials, I had to re-read this one too. And I'm so glad I did. Because Lyra's Oxford is all kinds of awesome. Yes, it is way too short. Hmph. But it is also so perfect. Because of Lyra. And Pan. And just being back in this amazing world again. As I said, it is really short. But we still learn a whole lot. About how Lyra is living two years after The Amber Spyglass. Sniffs. Much time has passed already.

Lyra's Oxford is about Lyra and her dæmon, Pan, getting a visit from a witch's dæmon. And how he need them to find a man for him. And so a small adventure begins. And I really enjoyed it. I just really loved reading more about Lyra, whom I adore so much. She's just so amazing. And I adore Pan too, so much. His final form is adorable. I love it. I love how Lyra is going to school. I love how she is still sitting at rooftops. Mostly I just love her to pieces. Because yeah. Lyra is the bestest. I adore reading about her.

I loved how this short story ended. There is also a pretty brutal death. I loved it. The writing in this story is pretty amazing. And so much like His Dark Materials. Philip Pullman is amazing. Soon I shall read other books by him too. I'm excited. But anyway. I'm not saying more about the plot in this story. Just that I found it to be exciting, despite being all kinds of short. Hmph. And oh. The birds. I am so curious. I must know if it means anything that they are trying to protect Lyra and Pan. Must know what it means.

I'm glad I decided to re-read this short story as well. Because I had managed to forget a few things. Hmph. And I just loved reading it. But now I want The Book of Dust even more. And waiting for it shall suck. I just wish late 2016 will arrive faster. <3 And wishing the book won't get delayed. Ack. Crossing my fingers. But anyway. I do think you should all read Lyra's Oxford, if you have read His Dark Materials. Because it is amazing to get to read more about Lyra and Pan. Plus, it is exciting too. You must read it.



  1. I've not read any of this author's books! I see you were reading them - I love your collection, Carina. Lovely post!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. Really, really should read his books...:/

  3. I have never read any of this author's books! So thank you for sharing - I need to look them up on Goodreads! I love how passionate you are about your favorites. :)

  4. Oh dear, I think I really need to read this one, and see how dear Lyra is coping after some time!
    Thank you for reminding me about this book sweetie!

  5. It's nice to go back a re-read favorites. What a pretty cover. Nice to hear you enjoyed this a second time around. Great review, Carina! :)

  6. I can completely agree with you on the love for His Dark Materials. It is such a gorgeous, amazing trilogy, and Lyra! She is one of my all time favourite heroines. She’s so… brilliant, I guess, which seems much too small a word to describe someone so large with life and verve. She and Pan have such an amazing, emotional relationship, and going back, even for the shortness that was this book, was both wonderful and sad, because Lyra’s moved on but also not… I haven’t heard of The Book of Dust before, but I’m getting completely excited. MORE LYRA? I shall look it up immediately.
    I’m happy to have found another passionate Dark Materials reader. Xx

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