Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: The Immortal Heights by Sherry Thomas

I'm not even sure where to begin with this. I never thought I would be able to read this precious final book this early. But then thanks to a very precious friend I could. It means the world to me. I'm so happy that I decided to re-read The Burning Sky and The Perilous Sea first. <3 I love all three books so much.

I will not talk spoilers in my review. Well, I shall try my best not to talk spoilers. I will share some of the things I loved about this book, but nothing that spoils the plot :) But yes, like with every series, spoilers from the previous ones. But yeah. I have a lot of love for The Immortal Heights. And wish to share most of it :D

I'm still not sure what I want to say about this book. Wishing I could just say over and over again that I loved it like crazy. Because I did. The writing is oh so gorgeous. The characters are the very best. The plot is so exciting and scary and so perfect. I loved that in the beginning of this book, Iolanthe kept thinking of Titus as her beloved. It was the most precious thing and I loved it so much. They are the cutest couple. They have some fights, which broke my heart, yet they still love each other so much. I even loved the fights. Done so well. And oh. The romantic moments. I cannot. They are so perfect. Titus and Iolanthe are the very best couple. I love them so much. I wanted to read about them together at every moment. So much love.

I can't begin to say how much I love the characters in this book. Iolanthe is the most amazing girl. I love how she is both Fairfax and Iolanthe for Titus and everyone else. Both her names are awesome. She is the best as a girl and as a boy. I love how strong she is. How desperate she is to save Titus. How very protective she is of her friends. How she tries everything. How she never gives up. Iolanthe is such a strong main character and I will forever love her. Also, her powers are the most amazing. Loved it so.

Titus. My prince. My beloved. My precious. I cannot tell you how much I love this boy. But oh, he is falling apart in this third book. And it hurts my heart so much. Titus has sacrificed so much. His happiness. His childhood. Having friends. Having fun. And oh, I just want the best for my boy. I want him to be happy. To have fun. And he have all of that with Iolanthe. But then there is the prophecy. That he will die shortly. And oh my gosh. That is all I'm saying. There are new prophecies too. Ack. The pain.

But yes. Titus is my very favorite character. And he is doing badly in this book. Awful things happen to him. And it made my heart hurt so much. Yet it was so amazing to read about too. Just what I love in books, lol. But so mean. As I don't want Titus to hurt. I want him to have everything he once wished for. With Iolanthe. Sigh. I wish I could say all the things. But that would be mean of me. You all need to read this book when it comes out in October. The wait is worth it. The heartbreak too. Probably. You'll love it.

The plot is so good in this book. We get to know much more about the Bane. Which is all kinds of awful. Shudders. We get to know more about Titus's father. And oh, the heartbreak. The missed chances. My heart hurts so much for Titus. He has been hurt so badly. He has missed so much. I just. I want him protected and loved, always. But yes. The story. The story is so damn good. So much happens. So much bad, so much good. And I loved reading about every moment. The story is so amazing. And dangerous.

I cannot thank Sherry Thomas enough for writing this most amazing trilogy. I have loved all three books so much. And The Immortal Heights was such a strong finale. Such a perfect final book. Though I would not mind something that comes after the ending, ack. Yet at the same time I'm very much happy with how it all ended. Some things really broke my heart. But this book is so precious. Thank you, Sherry, for writing this book. <3 I will forever love and treasure it. Titus will always be my favorite. Oh, my heart.

There are so many quotes I could share from this precious book. But I'm choosing not to, as most could probably spoil things. Maybe. But even so. I shall share one quote. And it is my favorite from the whole book. And it makes me smile every time I see it. There were so many funny scenes between Titus and Iolanthe in this book. And I loved all of them so much. Sigh. They are just the best couple I have read about. And oh, how I want more. But anyway. The quote. It is my very favorite. I hope you love it :D

"I will probably bruise my face going up," said Titus.
"No, not that. That's my favorite part of you."
"Really? You told me something else altogether in the lighthouse."

Some advice for you. Drop everything to read The Burning Sky and The Perilous Sea. And then spend some months waiting for this special book. The Immortal Heights is worth the wait. The pain that happens in the first two books are worth it. Everything is worth it. And these three books will forever be special to me. They are so perfect. Titus is the best. The plot is so exciting. I shall never tire of reading these books. So yes. I need you all to read these books right away. Because you need to. You have to. <3

The Immortal Heights is one of the best books I have read. The characters are written so well. The story is so exciting and scary and interesting and just so good. Titus is the very best. This book has magic. And such a glorious magic. This is one of the very best final books. It ends this trilogy so well. There is so much heartbreak. And it is all amazing to read about. This third book was fantastic. And I loved it oh so much. I cannot wait to read these three books again, which I will do for years and years. I love them.


  1. I have hopes that one of these days, I would be able to read this series. Sigh. Glad you loved it so much, Carina!

  2. I am so very happy that you loved this book so much!! I have the other two in my Kindle library and I definitely plan to read them close to this one's release date so I won't have to wait too much for the conclusion!
    Great review sweetie!

  3. I'm glad that this was such a successful series for you Carina, I think I have the first book somewhere on my Kindle and you've definitely encouraged me to give it a go sooner. Lovely review!

  4. Ahhhhh I'm just so JEALOUS. I need this book in my life! But I am SO SO happy you loved it! This makes me think I definitely well. And thank you for sharing that teaser quote... I'm getting all mushy right now. Titus is one of my favorite characters, so I'm scared for him, but I can't wait to finish his story. Thank you for your review, lady. <3 <3

  5. Nice cover and I love the sound of Titus

  6. But it will be MONTHS before I get to read this. MONTHS. Augh.

    In any case, super happy you're talking about this series. I love it, too, and am really looking forward to seeing how Thomas concludes the trilogy. And yes, so much love for Titus and Fairfax/Iolanthe!

  7. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited you loved this! That means I'll definitely be happy with it. TITUS. I'll have to read it soon, since there's no next book to wait for anymoreeeeeee. :D

  8. I CANNOT WAIT TO START THIS! I have so many other books to read that I'm trying to be good but it's hard. I LOVE Titus sooo much too. I can't wait to find out what happens in the finale. Though you have me worried about all this heartbreak. But still, I'm going to savor this when I get to it. Lovely review!


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