Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review: Siren's Fury by Mary Weber

I'm very happy that I read these two books now. Because I really enjoyed them both. Siren's Fury did give me some issues, but I liked reading it at all times. And that ending was pretty much epic. So I'm ending up giving this book a four star too, as I really liked it a lot. As with book one, the writing is pretty awesome.

I'm not sure how to describe this book. It starts right where book one ends. And I liked that, liked that it didn't pick up ages after. But then, it couldn't have, hah. But oh, so much awful happens in this book. So many bad things. Evil things. And heartbreaking things. Yet I loved reading every single moment of it. So great.

Siren's Fury is once again told from the point of Nym, whom I still adore like crazy. Well. She sort of turns a bit crazy in this book. Changes a little. But at the same time she doesn't. I loved how she always tries to protect and save Eogan. I loved that a lot. Though at times she is a bit cold in this book. But I didn't mind, because she doesn't truly change. She is still the amazing girl I grew to love in book one. She's still pretty fierce and awesome. Even though in the very beginning of the book she loses her powers. They get taken from her. And that broke my heart so much. Because she could have done so much if they hadn't been taken. Sobs. But I also loved that they were, because she had to do things in a different way. And I really liked that a lot.

There are so many characters to read about in this book. We get to know Rasha a whole lot more. And gosh, I loved that. I found her to be all kinds of amazing. And I really,  really wish to know more about her. She's an awesome friend to Nym. Though she could have been a bit more honest in the beginning, sigh. But at the same time I didn't blame her. Either way, I really loved getting to know more about Rasha and seeing her and Nym grow closer. And reading about Rasha's power. It was so very amazing.

We also see a whole lot more of Myles. Shudders. I can't stand this man, lol. He is so awful to read about. Yet I grew to like him sometimes too. But he wants power way too much. Though reading about his power was pretty fascinating. And I wanted to know more. But ugh. I keep imagining him as Oswald in the new tv-series, Gotham. And it's making me despise him, hah. But I don't mind that at all. Myles is an awful person. So creepy. And he is in this book a lot. I kind of really loved reading about him. Ugh.

Then there is Draewulf. Whom I thought was an really amazing plot twist. He is creepy to read about. And I wanted to know more about him a whole lot. He is old. And a scary wolf. And it's so complicated. He has done such an awful thing. And I hated reading about him in Eogan's body. It was the worst. How he acted as him. The things he did. And ugh. Yet I still liked reading it a lot. Draewulf was so evil. And so interesting to read about. His daughter was awful too. Ugh. I just disliked them both a whole lot.

Eogan. Whom I still love the most. But oh. He is not in this book enough. His body his. But not him. And that hurt my heart so much. But at the same time, it didn't bother me too much, as I loved reading all the other things that happened, and this book took place in just about a week, so I didn't hate it. But yeah. I wish there had been more of Eogan. Sniffs. But when he is there it is the bestest. He is such an amazing characters. And I still ship him and Nym so hard. They are the cutest together. So much love.

I could talk for ages about the awesome characters in this book. But I shall stop now :D But know that I liked reading about them all. And I love that there is no hints at any love triangles in these books. I love that the plot is all kinds of exciting. That some few people have powers. How different everything is. That this book isn't like everyone else. Well. Some things are, but I liked those. I loved getting to see a new land, with a bunch of different people. I loved reading about them. Though I hated some too.

I can't begin to describe the story in this book. Just that it is awesome. And I loved reading it. And I  am dying for book three. Truly. Siren's Fury is an amazing sequel. It is full of exciting and horrible moments. The characters are so interesting and amazing. The writing is gorgeous. This book is different and I loved it. I think everyone will love this fantastic sequel. And I'm just so glad that I read it. Sigh. But yeah. The wait for book three is going to be torture. Ugh. I must know all the things right away :)

Huge thank you to the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for approving my request to read this book via Netgalley :) I'm so glad that I read it. And I cannot wait to own my hardcover of it in June. This book is so gorgeous looking. Sigh. But oh. Now I am truly dying for book three. And waiting for it is going to be torture. Wishing I could read it right away. I must know what happens next :D I think you should all read Siren's Fury. Because it is an amazing sequel. If you haven't read book one yet, then you must do so now.


  1. All the more reason for me to pick up the first book! Thanks, C!

  2. The characters sound really well done in this one.

  3. I just finished Siren's Fury as well and liked it so much! This series is just so amazing; I hope more people will read it.
    I thought we'd get even LESS Eogan time than we did, so I was happy with the few scenes we were given - they were so romantic! I ship Eogan and Nym like crazy too.
    Hate Myles. But he's a really interesting character.
    Now I'm dying for book 3!

  4. Eek! I'm so glad you liked this Carina!! I've been worried about what would happen in this one, but seeing that you're happy makes me much less so. There's hope for Eogan! I loooove him and Nym together so much. :D Great review!!

  5. It seems like you were able to go a lot deeper into this book with the series and like it keeps up with the great writing style of the first! And judging from what you said the plot has a lot of sad things happening and unexpected turns to keep you reading.


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