Saturday, August 31, 2013

In My Mailbox #96

This week I got a whole lot of books. And some other things as well :) And gorgeous swag. Sigh. <3 Still missing something, though. And it is making me so sad that it hasn't arrived. Will be emailing all three about it in a few days if it doesn't arrive. Anyway. SO happy with what I got this week :D Remember last week I talked about The Dream Thieves? It arrived on Monday :D Read it right away and loved it so much. Hope the rest of my things will arrive soon too. What did you get in the mail this week?
Giveaway winners. The winners for the Cat Winters swag pack as been picked and contacted and they have all responded. The winner for my swag and book giveaway has been picked and responded too :)

The Beginning of Everything. Thank you Gillian <3 Tried to read, had to DNF :\ Reading it later.
SIGNED Shadow and Bone. So, so happy. Won it from Gillian. Thank you sweetie :D It is perfect.
The Dream Thieves. Got from publisher, via Gillian :D Thank you. <3 Book was PERFECT. So good.
Amazing swag. Clockwork Princess. I got all this awesome from Gillian as well! Holy crap, PERFECT.
Harry Potter Box Set. Got this myself ;p And it is so gorgeous and perfect. I love the new covers.

The Morning Star. Have not yet read book two, but I did enjoy book one. Hoping to finish them soon :)
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Thank you to Nina, UK publisher Indigo, for this finished copy. <3
Robert Pattinson. Heh. I adore Rob so so much and I just have to own all the books about him.
Shannon Messenger Swag. Shannon is THE BEST! Love love love all this swag. Love her books too.
Cat in an Alien X-Ray. Got this finished copy from publisher Tor :) Looks awesome! Excited to read it.
The Year of Shadows. My gorgeous two hardcovers. <3 PERFECT book. Hope to re-read it pretty soon.
The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls. Best middle grade. Gorgeous paperback editions. Love.
Disney Infinity Power Discs. I haven't really played the game yet, but had to buy some power discs :)

Crown of Midnight. I have not yet read Throne of Glass, but at least now I own both books :)
The Jungle Book. Getting it in Blu-Ray too <3 Disney Classic. Been ages since I last saw it.
Iron Man 3. Have not watched 1 and 2, but own them all now :) Hopefully seeing them soon.
Epic. Excited to watch this movie :) Hopefully seeing it very soon. Hope it will be amazing.

Avalon. Reading this right now :) Enjoying it. And I adore the author.  Thank you Edelweiss. <3
Cruel Beauty. Need to read this soon. It does sound so amazing :D Thank you Edelweiss. <3
Her Dark Curiosity. Worried about this. Yet so excited. Have peeked, hih (A) Thank you Edelweiss. <3
Maybe One Day. Think this book sounds awful and amazing. Excited. Thank you Edelweiss. <3
The Lost Planet. Had to download this. Love the cover so much :D Thank you Macmillan & Netgalley. <3
The Lure. Have not seen any reviews, but I do think it sounds interesting :) Thank you Edelweiss. <3

My signed Shadow and Bone. <3 LOVE IT! My collection of books by Leigh here. Before the signed one :)

In My Mailbox is an weekly meme made by The Story Siren.


  1. Wow! What a haul! I've got to know how Avalon is. My request is still pending-bleh. Have a great week :-)

  2. Awesome book haul! I watched all the Iron Man movies & they are all epic but the ending of the third movie was a little disappointing. Epic is also a great movie- I hope you enjoy it! I can't wait for your Dream Thieves review, I want to read it so badly. I hope you enjoy all your new books and thanks for sharing :)

  3. OMG the new HP boxset! It is so pretty!

  4. THE HP BOXSET. I'm so tempted to buy it once, but I already have the Dutch and English version.. Hmm.

    You need to see Iron Man soon! Those movies are awesome. Hello Robert <3

    I can't wait to read Her dark curiosity.

    1. :D It is so PERFECT. <3 Heeeeh. I have the Norwegian edition and another English paperback boxset <3 They are just all so gorgeous. This boxset is very much worth buying, though I will never ever read them :) Just too pretty.

  5. Hi from Spain :)
    I want to read Crown of midhight!! ^_^ Kisses!!

  6. Wow. So many great books. How will you find the time to read them all. Come visit me as well.'

    Books of Love

  7. LOL all the Claire books! They look very pretty! And ehhh, Crown of Midnight - I gave it three stars. I hope you love it though, Carina!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  8. Wow, what an awesome haul!!

    You NEED to read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight like NOW! Awesome books!

  9. I love this, you are so lucky:) I also have the Harry Potter series in a book set too, but it's a little different from yours.

  10. Awesome haul this week, Carina. I haven't read Throne of Glass either and yesterday, when I went to the bookstore, they only have one copy and it's reserved for somebody else. Boo. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy everything!

  11. I enjoyed Crown of Midnight and hope that you do too

  12. Holy cow- you got a ton of books and swag this week! WOW! I am jealous about the Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls- it is on my list and I loved hearing what you had to say. The new HP set looks beautiful! Yeah!

  13. Oh I love the new covers for Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight. So pretty. I need to get my hands on Cruel Beauty!! It looks amazing. The new Harry Potter box set looks awesome!! Enjoy, Carina!

  14. I love the new Harry Potter covers! I'm very nearly tempted to order them myself, but I have about five different sets already and no space for more. For now! ;) I'm really curious about The Lure. I have that one too but probably won't read it for a while. Looking forward to your thoughts!

  15. I am putting the Harry Potter box set on my Christmas list this year because it is just gorgeous! Saw that you also got Cruel Beauty! I requested it but haven't been approved yet. *crosses fingers* Hope you enjoy all your new books!


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