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Deception Blog Tour: Character Interview with Rachel + Giveaway

I'm so excited to be a part of the Deception blog tour today! I really liked the first book, Defiance, and I cannot wait to read Deception. Think it sounds amazing. For my tour stop I'm interviewing the main character, Rachel. It's my first character interview and I hope I did okay :) I, at least, love the answers from Rachel. <3 Thank you to the amazing author for writing these books and thank you to Katie at Mundie Moms for hosting this tour and letting me be a part of it :) Can't wait for the other posts!

Interview with Rachel. Includes SPOILERS for Defiance, book one :)

1. What is your happiest memory of you and your father together?

My happiest memory is when he'd take me with him on his courier trips to the city-state of Thorenburg, which is to the southeast of Baalboden. Thorenburg is a beautiful city with brick homes and flower gardens, and it rests right beside the ocean. Dad would take care of business and then we'd spend a day sitting on the sand, staring at that never-ending expanse of water. Sometimes we'd spar, if the beach was deserted. Sometimes we'd talk about my mother and his memories of her. But mostly, we'd just sit in silence and enjoy the feeling that there was so much more out there than what we knew.

2. If you could change one thing about everything that's happened since your father died, what would that be? (Bringing back the dead don't count :))

I wouldn't have insisted that we call the Cursed One outside of Baalboden. I would've spent more time coming up with a plan to kill the Commander instead of putting my entire city in danger. I wish I'd known that the device would malfunction, and that so many people would lose their lives. I don't know how to ever be okay with that.

3. Is there anything you wish you could have told your father and Oliver before the end?

They knew I loved them with every single piece of my heart, but I would've told them one more time anyway. I would've made sure they knew that I'm grateful for the way I was raised. For how much I was loved. So grateful that I had the family I had.

4. Did you ever imagine someone for your Protector?

No. I dreamed of being with Logan, but only as his equal. I never wanted to be Claimed. I don't think anyone has the right to claim another person. I'm not a piece of property. However, I did dream that Logan would one day feel protective toward me. Not the false protection that required the men in Baalboden to pretend that their women couldn't even walk to the Market alone, but the real kind. The kind that respects what I can do, and that would cause him to lay his life on the line for mine because that's what you do for people you love.

5. Do you ever wish that you didn't know the horrible stuff that happened in Baalboden? That your life had never changed?

Every single day. If I could rewind and go back to the time before Dad went missing, I would do it. I would keep Oliver alive and my city intact. I think Logan and I would've eventually found our way to each other because there isn't another boy who understands me and who is strong enough to earn my respect while still giving me the freedom to be myself, and I don't think there's another girl who can love Logan like I do. I saw the truth of who he was and loved him for it while every other girl was busy pretending he didn't exist. But even though I want to go back and keep my family alive and my city from ruins, I understand that things in Baalboden had to change. Revolution had to happen, and I don't know if Logan and I would've been pushed far enough to stand up to the Commander like we did if we hadn't lost everyone else.

6. Could you share one thing about yourself that no one knows?

I'm afraid of spiders. I'm ashamed to admit it because of all the things I've faced, that seems very silly, but I hate them. I want to smack them to death with my sword whenever I see them.

7. What is the dream you hold closest to your heart?

Destroying the Commander so that I can live with Logan in peace for the rest of our lives.

8. What is the thing or person that you fear the most?

Myself. I know what I'm capable of, now, and it scares me.

9. What is the food that you do not want to ever live without?

Oliver's sticky buns, but I guess I no longer have a choice.

10. What is it that you like the most about Logan? :)

He's a fighter. He's had to fight for everything he has. His education. His job. His family. Every scrap of respect he's earned has been hard won. He never backs down from what he's set his mind to, and he tries so hard to do the right thing every single time. I respect that. Also, his smile is amazing. His real smile. There's the smile he gives the world, and the one he gives to me. The smile he gives me warms me from the inside out and makes me feel like he truly sees me and loves me for exactly who I am.

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