Saturday, August 17, 2013

In My Mailbox #94

Got some awesome things this week. And I might have spent too much money, even though what I got were mostly pre-orders :) Still waiting on so much, though. And things that have gotten lost in the mail that I have won :( makes me so sad. A bit upset that The Dream Thieves did not arrive today, since there is no mail tomorrow, but really hoping it will arrive early next week <3 I have not been able to read much this week. Probably because I spent three days with The Bone Season, where I only read 154 pages. Stopped reading it. Couldn't finish, because I did not enjoy it. Sigh. Then I re-read The Raven Boys, which was perfect. <3 So I'm happy with this week :) Another thing I got that is not pictured are a pair of black glitter Toms shoes. They are gorgeous. But, of course, I cannot wear normal shoes so I have huge blisters on my little toes. Sobs. Still. Hoping they get better :) What did you get this week?

The Bone Season. I wanted to love this book. But I ended up quitting it at 154 pages. Not for me :(
Infinityglass. Second hardcover. Just had to, since I have two copies of the first books.. Heh.
Gustav Gloom #3. Will try reading this tonight :) Loved the first two books about Gustav. Adorable.
The Iron Traitor. SO HAPPY! Gorgeous print ARC <3 Thank you UK publisher :) Reading soon.
Avalon. Love love love this bookmark. Cannot wait for the book :) Thank you so much Mindee. <3
The Grisha Army. Gorgeous button and note :D Thank you so much Fierce Reads. <3 I love it.
Her Dark Curiosity. Best swag! So gorgeous. Cannot wait to read the book. Thank you Megan. <3
In the Shadow of Blackbirds. Love the swag! Cure for Dreaming bookplate <3 Thank you Cat :D

The Lord of the Rings lego. I need all of this lego. Own a lot, but not enough, hih :D Adore this one.
Merida. She's pretty gorgeous. Love her. Something is loose inside her head, though. Still, pretty :D
Daenerys. I just had to buy her. Love the little dragon :D She's very pretty. Ugly mark on hair, though.
Owl. She is so gorgeous! Even prettier in person. I had to own her. So amazing. Sigh. Love her :)
Despicable Me. My sister got me these from McDonalds. <3 Aren't they awesome? :D Love them.
Riders of Berk. LOVE! Loved this series. Love the movie. This series is amazing. Sigh. Love it!
Sarah's Key. Mom loved the book, so we are going to watch the movie together :) Hope it's good.
The Shining. Did not own this. Been years since I saw it. Just had to buy it, hih. It is pretty awesome.
The Woman in Black. Have not watched this yet, and I wanted it. Three movies for £16. Not bad :)
Arrietty. I need all of the Studio Ghibli picture books. Sigh. And this one is just so gorgeous as well :)


Edelweiss keep declining me. As does Netgalley. Except for Harlequin Teen, which I'm auto-approved for. <3 Which makes me so happy. So this week I got Waterfell :) Hope it's good!

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  1. Aw, I wish you could have enjoyed The Bone Season--I adored it :-( love the Lego kit! So fun to build.

  2. Omg The Iron Traitor! Hope you enjoy that one, I can't wait to read it :D A few of my friends have, and they said it was amazing. You got some awesome swag this week - love the Grisha button and the Avalon bookmark <3

  3. ooh I'm really interested in The Bone Season! I read Infinity Glass and it was really good!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  4. It's best to stop reading a book you don't enjoy. I usually stop at page 50 if I don't like it. Hope you get The Dream Thieves soon. It's one of my next books to read.

  5. I have Iron Traitor too and can't wait. hope you enjoy

  6. I've seen The Bone Season around a lot lately it looks interesting I hope you enjoy it :) Happy Reading!

    My IMM

  7. I'm sorry you didn't end up enjoying The Bone Season, I've read some mixed reviews, some really enjoyed it and some found it really hard to get into. I love all the swag you received, Her Dark Curiosity swag looks so pretty! I hope you enjoy all your books! :)

  8. Oh gosh, amazing books! The Bone Season, Infinity glass? So jealous:)

  9. I've got The Bone Season in my haul this week as well. I hope it's as good as what I keep hearing. :) Lovely haul, Carina!

  10. Lovely books and swag! I don't know why but I find the cover for Infinityglass so disturbing! LOL It's pretty but it just freaks me out a bit. I hope Waterfell is good, too. I read Bloodspell by Amalie Howard and love it!

  11. I stopped myself from requesting Waterfell, but I'm definitely curious about it. I hope you can read it soon so I can see what you think. ;) And I'm sorry to hear that The Bone Season didn't work for you. I know a lot of people have found it pretty tricky to get into. :/ The Iron Traitor is one of my next reads hopefully. I've already heard some brilliant things about it. Enjoy! :)

  12. What a shame, The bone season looks great. The iron traitor, lucky you! :D Happy reading!

  13. I just wish I could go to your mail box once. It must be so exciting to have so many goodies waiting for you. :)

    The Shining scares me even though I have seen it a million times. Great movie! I hope Sarah's Key is good. The book was really good. Love all the swags and books you got! :)

  14. What a haul! I'm always excited to see what you get each week. I wish I could order that many books but my bank account is nonexistent right now. Infinityglass has such a gorgeous cover! I still need to read the second book in that series but I loved Hourglass. Hope you enjoy all your new goodies!

  15. Merida is so cute-love her look! I'm sorry to hear The Bone Season didn't work for you as it's something I've been considering reading after hearing all the buzz. I suspect it's not worth it though.


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