Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

I really need to pay more attention when I peek at the ending of books. I hadn't been expecting this book to be so incredibly sad and heartbreaking. But I didn't peek at the end today before I read it. I peeked months ago, when I got it in the mail, before I really knew what the book was about. Also glad I didn't peek now. Because while the ending broke me, it was also perfect. In a way. Anyway. I bought A Monster Calls months ago because I had read the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness, which I loved. And I loved his writing, so I was sure this would be a book I would love as well.

And it was. A Monster Calls is an amazing book. It is well written, has great characters, and it is heartbreaking. And real. Which is really important. A few fantasy parts in this book, though, which I did love. This book is a bit different from what I read. But not really. It says Young Adult, but I do think it was more Middle Grade. The main character boy is thirteen years old. And this book is mostly about him. There is no teenage drama or romance. So yeah, I would say MG. Loved it :)

The writing in this book is perfect. Patrick writes really well. I felt things in this book. I felt sadness so much. But there were also a few happy moments. Not many, but some. I love the cover of A Monster Calls. It is a bit unique, and it is amazing. Even prettier in person. This book is about a monster. But it isn't just about that. It is about many different monsters. The tree monster in Conor's yard. The cancer monster taking his mom away. And the monster living in Conor's heart.

There is so much sadness in this book. And I loved it all. The story is about Conor. A thirteen year old boy living with his mom. His father left them six year ago for America and a new wife. He doesn't see him often. But he loves living with his mom. And I did love his mom. Even though we mostly just saw her being sick. I still loved her. Then there is his grandma. Didn't like her at first. But by the end I kind of understood her a little. Maybe. I didn't dislike her, at least, so that's something :)

Conor is an amazing character. Even though he is mostly just sad. Wonder what kind of kid he was before his mom got sick. Still. I did love him a lot. He is a very loving person, when it comes to his mother. And I loved reading about them together. His mom though is ill. She has cancer. And it isn't good. The treatments aren't working. And she so sick all the time. Won't say how it all ends, but yeah. Even so. I did like the plot in this book. Even if it was heartbreaking. It is so good. Sigh. I loved it.

Conor doesn't have any friends. He used to have a best friend, Lily. But she told everyone about his mom being sick. And now they aren't friends. I don't blame Conor for being angry at her. I would be too. But still. I did want to see them being friends, and I did like how that thing ended. Just wish the book had been longer :) Because Lily did seem like a great character. Then there is the bullies, Harry and company. Thing is, Conor wants Harry to hit him. And there is some drama about that. Not telling ;p

Anyway. There is many amazing characters in this book. I liked most of them. They are all very well written, and I was happy about that :) The plot is really amazing as well, though. I won't say more about it. Just, the monster in this book. The monster that comes 'calling.' I liked that monster. Even though it told horrible stories. I liked reading those stories, and getting to know it all :) Oh, this book was so good. Kind of want to read it again right away. I won't, though ;p but one day :)

A Monster Calls is a beautiful book. It's heartbreaking. Full of loss and heartbreak. But it also has love and hope. It is a really amazing novel. And I wish there was a sequel to it. It really is that good. I really want more of this story. More of Conor. I want to know what happens next. I need to know. So, yeah. I just want another book about this :) Really hoping it might happen one day. <3 Because the story Patrick has written is perfect. It is so well done. And I love well done books. It is the best.

I think you need to read this book. I really do. While it is heartbreaking, it is also so good. It is written so well. And it is a fantastic story. And I'm so happy I read it. Giving it five stars because I can't really find any faults in it. Maybe just that I wished it had been longer. Much longer. And that we had gotten to see more of Conor and Lily. But it didn't need to be longer. It was perfect just how it was.


  1. I've heard nothing but good things about this book and its author. I initially thought they might not be for me, but I'm really looking forward to trying something by Ness soon. Lovely review, Carina! :)

  2. I have never heard of this book. I love that the ending was a bit of a shock to you- although sad. It sounds like a book we should all read. I look forward to reading it.


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