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Review: Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger

I have waited many months for this book. Many months spent dying for it. And it was worth the wait. Totally was. But now I must wait one more year for book two! Gah. I hate waiting, lol :) But this book is amazing. First, I love the cover more than anything. It is beyond perfect. I love it so much. It is gorgeous. Characters are so pretty :) I adore middle grade book covers. And I LOVE Shannon's art work for this book! It is perfect. So stunning. And I loved the writing. And the characters. And everything. Even the heartbreak this book gave me.

At first I was a tiny bit unsure about the writing and the fantasy. But it did not take me long to be sucked into it all. Didn't take me long to fall in love with this book and the story and the characters. Everything is amazing. Just sad it had to end. Didn't want this book to ever end. So happy that there will be two more :) But I want them both now. <3 I am nervous for the sequel. I really am. For my weird reasons, of course. Getting back to that soon ;p But I'm also super excited for it :)

Keeper of the Lost Cities is about Sophie Foster. The whole book is from her point of view. So glad for that. She's an amazing main character. She's just twelve, thirteen by the end of the book, but to me that isn't so young. I remember myself at that age. She felt more like a teenager at most times, her friends did too. And I liked that. But this is a middle grade book, an amazing middle grade book. And I loved every page of it. Didn't like some time jumps, but I can live with those, I think. Made some sense.

Sophie is such a great character. She's really sweet and kind. And I loved her stuffed elephant; Ella. She was adorable. And I love plush animals <3 At first everything is normal for Sophie. She lives with her family, but she isn't really normal herself. She can hear thoughts. And I did love that about her. I just wished we had seen a bit more of her talent :) Cause I loved it a lot. Then everything changes. Sophie meets Fitz, this beautiful 15 year old boy. He makes her see who she really is.

And that is where this story begins. With Sophie finding out who she is. And to be able to write this review, I must share what she is :) And it is in the summary, somewhere. Sophie is an Elf. And she belongs in a different world, with so many other people like her. At first it confused me. But then I understood it better, and I loved it so much. What hurt was the thing with her family. What had to happen. It was a bit cruel. But I also understood it so well. Just also thought that Sophie forgot too soon.

I won't say much about Sophie. And who she is. What she can do. Just that she is an amazing character, with lots of surprises. Loved that this book is mostly about her and her past and present. I adored Sophie. I loved learning about her. I loved that she lived with Grady and Edaline. Those were amazing people. I hurt for them so bad. It broke my heart lots of times. But I also loved them. I felt so much for them. Might have been a tiny bit mad at them one time, but I understood it so well.

Sophie gets a lot of friends in this book. Like Iggy. Her pet. He was adorable. <3 Wants to see more of him ;) Then there was Marella. I liked her. She was nice :) Her best friend is Dex. I'm unsure how I feel about him. I did like him. He was a perfect friend. But he's got a crush on Sophie. And I will be forever hateful if Sophie starts feeling something for him in book two. I don't want it :) I want Sophie with Fitz. Fitz is an amazing character. Older than Sophie, which I loved. But oh. There was too little of him.

I wished there had been more of Fitz. Was disappointed about that fact. Was so sure he would be in this book a lot. And he isn't :( But he is there. And I loved every moment that we got to see him. And I do think he would be the perfect love interest. And I do say love interest, even though Sophie is only 13. A friend of mine had sex at 13. So yeah, 13 is not too young to have a boyfriend, or falling in love :) So I'm just hoping for some romance between Sophie and Fitz. <3

I really liked Fitz, even if we didn't get to see him that much. He's very kind and sweet and amazing. Loved him. And the things he could do. I disliked his sister, Biana, though. Total asshole. She might have improved at the end, but I still don't approve of her. Maybe she'll be better in book two. Maybe. Their father, Alden, I'm still unsure about. He always lied. All the time. But he did seem kind, so I don't hate him. Hoping there will be no lies in book two. I also adored Keefe! He was totally awesome ;)

Anyway. Tons of amazing characters in this book. Many I loved. Many I disliked. But so many :D Now to mention the plot. The story in this book is perfect. Sigh. How I adore Fantasy books. Keeper of the Lost Cities is an amazing fantasy book. An perfect middle grade book. The story is special, and I loved it all. There is this different world, where most of the Elf people have special powers. And I loved reading about them all! So fascinating :) Hoping for even more of that in the sequels. So awesome.

I can't really say much more about the plot. I don't want to spoil it. Just know that there is a lot of mysteries. Lots of action and suspense. And a few scary parts. And sad parts that made me cry. But it is all so perfect. This book was amazing. And I loved it a whole lot. Loved the writing. But loved the characters even more <3 Sophie and Fitz were amazing :) You really need to read this book. You really do. Even if you don't like MG books you still need to read Keeper of the Lost Cities.

There is just this one hope I have for book two. I don't want a love triangle. I can even survive no romance, if it means no triangle. Cause, you see, Sophie seems to like Fitz. At least I think so. I adore him. But Dex like her. And I kind of think Keefe like her too. Just, please Shannon, don't make her like more than one person romantically. Please. Anyway. I am super excited for the sequel :D So excited for more of Sophie. <3 And of course, more of Fitz :) And the amazing plot. Sigh. So good.


  1. I have been wavering on this one. I don't usually enjoy MG books, but I think I'm going to read this one!

    Thanks for sharing!

    YA Sisterhood

  2. Wow. You have a really distinct review writing style, in that your sentences are really short. It's such a welcome change, though. I can tell you're heaps excited about this book and about continuing the series. I've been looking out for this one for ages. Who doesn't know about Shannon Messenger? I do read the occasional MG book so it's not entirely foreign to me (the style and differences between MG and YA).

  3. So glad this book was incredible and filled with amazing characters! I'm waiting a bit before buying myself a copy, but now you've got me even more excited for this book :)

    Great review!

  4. I have this book at my shelves some days now and i don't have the time to read it because of all the scheduled reviews. I'm so sad and jealous you did!


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