Saturday, October 20, 2012

In My Mailbox #51

Hi everyone! Didn't do an IMM post last week cause I spent 8 days visiting my sister in another town :) Just got home two days ago. It was nice to be gone for a bit, but very very happy to be back home :) Didn't read anything while I was gone either. Going to read The Unfailing Light next, in some days I think. Today though, I'm going to re-watch season 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead :) So excited for that. <3 So much love. Anyway. This weeks IMM post is two weeks worth of books. I love them all! Sigh. Got pretty much, I think :) So won't be linking to the buy page like usually. But will talk some about it all ;p
Psst. Most perfect things that I got in the mail this week is at the end. <3 so pretty :)
What did you get this week?

Ashen Winter. I really liked this book when I read it in April :) Pretty cover. <3 Gorgeous hardcover.
Feedback. Haven't read the first book; Variant yet. But I do have it. Will read both one day :)
Promised. Pretty book. <3 Have read it, and I did sort of like it. Maybe. Good series, though :)
The Spindlers. I needed another hardcover of this book. Pretty good. A different hardcover, though ;p
Breaking Dawn Movie-Tie-In. Yeah. I have pretty many of these now. This one is bigger :)
Promised, Prized & Birthmarked. Got these via Macmillan! And won via Presenting Lenore. <3 Love.
Cosmopolis Tie-In. I loved this movie. Different, but Rob is perfect. Must read the book one day ;p
Twilight: The Complete Journey. I now have two of this.. well, there is pretty posters and pictures :D
Some movies. Hih. Bought these while I was gone; were on sale. And they do look awesome :)
Snow White and the Huntsman. I did enjoy this movie a lot. So I needed my own blu-ray copy. <3
TONS of swag that I got from Jennifer. <3 I love it. Got double of everything :D Love. Perfect.
17 & Gone + Imaginary Girls bookmarks. <3 These bookmarks are perfect! Thank you, Nova :)

Brave Puzzles. I love puzzles. So I kind of needed some more Brave ones (A) They are gorgeous. <3
Tangled Ever After paperback. Gorgeous book! So so so pretty. So much love. <3 Ah. Love them :)
Cinderella Skeleton. This one seems awesome! Just a little short story. Looks so so pretty. <3
Coraline. Well, okay, I own the blu-ray. But really wanted this pretty DVD edition as well... hih (A)
The Secret of NIMH. Watched this on my laptop a few weeks back. Such a pretty movie.
Tangled Ever After: The Magical  Story. Oh god. This is perfect! *Wants tons of copies*
Tracker keychain. Based on Shadow and Bone. <3 Love this one. So pretty :D Sigh. So much love.
Fearless charm. I adore this one. See, I do have the Fearless tattoo. Want all the jewelry as well ;p
Game of Thrones Coasters. These are amazing! Ah. I love them. Game of Thrones is so amazing :)
Angry Birds stuff! So many things to love. The balls are amazing. Sigh. Love.
A little toy for the cat I'm getting next year. Hih. Thought it was cute :) Also, Stinky from Moomin ;p
Solan & Ludvig. From an pretty awesome norwegian movie called Flåklypa :)

Spirited Away comic books. Okay, I seem to have an illness. I need two of everything. <3 Hih :) Love.
Spirited Away CD. The japanese soundtrack :) So pretty. And sounds kind of awesome as well.
The Cat Returns. Porco Rosso. Just watched these two yesterday; and I did like them both :D
Grave of the Fireflies. The Castle of Cagliostro. Need to watch these two. They do seem great :D
Howl's Moving Castle figures! These are perfect. Very pretty in person :) Sigh. Love this movie. <3
Also. Studio Ghibli items are the best. Just so you know that. I now own all the movies. <3 Well, they are coming in the mail, the few I don't yet have :) But then I will have the whole collection. <3 Love.

Needed another item for my cat that I will get next year... hih (A) I love it, though :)
Twilight Graphic Novel. I do like graphic novels. And this one is really, really pretty ;p
The Unfailing Light. My next read. I really did love the first one :) But I'm worried.. Hopefully it's good.

Signed Keeper of the Lost Cities! Bought via Changing Hands. <3 Oh, how I love it. Loved this book :) And a signed copy is just awesome. And Mallowmelt! And stickers! And Shannon's art. Gah. I love those four cards. They are perfect. And the art is so gorgeous. Thank you, Shannon. <3 Loves it :)
And a whole lot of Cinder + Scarlet swag that I won from Marissa. <3 I love it so much! You all probably know by now how much I love Marissa and her book Cinder :) I am dying to read Scarlet. <3 Cinder is a perfect book. And you must read it. Anyway. I love all my swag! It is gorgeous. And perfect. Really perfect. And THE BUTTONS! AHH! Too much love. <3 Thank you thank you Marissa :)

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  1. I hope you enjoy everything you got this week!

    My IMM

  2. Wow lots of goddies!!!! And AAAHHH You got a signed book by Shannon!!! Yays!! :-) Enjoy!

    My IMM:

  3. Wooow! So many swags!! I still haven't got my swag from the pre-order of Obsidian contest. I need to send an email, but I always forget about it. So yeah.. Enjoy all this awesomeness! :) ;) <3 <3

  4. Great haul, Carina! I love all that Cinder and JLA swag. Congrats on winning all those giveaways. And yay! Brave is back in your mailbox! :D

  5. Oh man. I've had Ashen Winter for a long time now and am still trying to find the courage to read it. (Groans) Anyway, you always have epic haul - not just bookwise but everything else.

    Have a great week, Carina!

  6. I have Keeper of the Lost Cities out from the library right now. I haven't read it yet, but I definitely plan to, hopefully soon. I have heard great things about it. Glad to hear you enjoyed it too. :)

    Happy reading!

    Here's my IMM

  7. Very nice stuff you received. I want to read Keeper of the Lost Souls also.
    Feel free to check out my IMM...

  8. Great Haul!! I hope you enjoy all of your goodies. I loved Birthmarked( have yet to read the rest of the series) and Cinder

  9. What a fantastic haul! Great books, but I also love all the swaggy goodness! :D Enjoy!

  10. Great books but I love the little thingies the most. LOL at angry bird balls. :)
    You can see my IMM here.

    Happy reading!

    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams (new follower)

  11. What an awesome mailbox!! You've got so many great books and a ton of swag. The signed copy is indeed a highlight. Enjoy your new books:)


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