Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: Island of Silence by Lisa McMann

This is the third Middle Grade book I have read in three days. All have been amazing. Island of Silence infected me the most, though, I think. I'm still kind of shaking. It was awful. And perfect. So full of terrible things. And I need to know what happens next. Such a cliffhanger. But I don't hate it. I think. I just need the third book right away, please. Anyway. I loved Island of Silence. Didn't happen much for the first 200 pages, so was a bit disappointed, but then so much happened and I could not stop reading at all. This is a five star book. Even with the bit slow beginning. The end makes up for it.

The writing in this book is perfect. Island of Silence is the sequel to The Unwanteds. And I liked the third person point of view in book one, and I still liked it in this book. The writing is really well. And I loved the characters. Well, okay, I might have loved Alex the most and disliked some of his friends.. but with the horrible and perfect ending I'm kind of loving them all. Next to being horrified. This book really is perfect. And it doesn't feel so middle grade, to be honest. Would have loved it either way :)

Okay, I must admit that I'm confused about how to write my review. Not sure how to put words to this amazing plot. I'll take that as it comes, I think. So I'm going to start with the characters :) First there is Alex, the main character. The book is mostly from his point of view, and I liked that. He is a little bit older in this book; it's been one and a half year since the beginning of The Unwanteds. But maybe just a few months since the end of the first book, if I remember correctly. Alex is an amazing person. I feel sorry for him a lot. Because I still think that it feels like he's alone a lot. That sucks.

But he is still the best character there is in this book. At least to me. He's kind and sweet and strong. He doesn't believe himself to be able to lead all of Artimè, but he could. Alex is a strong person; even if he doesn't see it himself. We learn so many things about him in these books. And I like that. We see some character growth as well. Then there is Mr. Today. I must admit to hating his name. Find it a bit silly. But I still liked him, I think. He's the one who made Artimè. Who saved all The Unwanteds.

Mr. Today is sort of a magician. Been a while since I read book one, so cannot remember what they called it :p But he does magic. He can make creatures, stone creatures come to life. And I loved everything he had created. He believes in Alex, and I liked that. I also liked his daughter, she kind of has a big small part in this book. She must have a bigger part in book three. I needs it. Sigh. I kind of loved all the teachers at Artimè. They were all different and unique, and they were all kind.

Then there is Alex's friends. I am still unsure how I feel about them. There is Samheed and Meghan and Lani. I still want a romance between Alex and Lani. Even though I still don't love her :\ Think she treats Alex bad. She's always jealous of him and ignoring him :\ Did not like. But I kind of loved her near the end. Between almost crying. There must be more of her in book three. And some romance, please. I also really liked Samheed and Meghan. They are really kind and sweet and awesome :) Loved them.

One person I really hated was Aaron, Alex's twin brother. He was goddamn evil. And I hated how this book ended with him. Grrrr. It better be better in book three. It must be. Because, god, Aaron does so many awful things in this book. Hates him. I really do. So many characters in this book. Many I loved. Many I hated. But I loved Simber. The creature on the gorgeous perfect cover of this book. He was amazing. So kind and loyal and all kinds of awesome. *Sobs.* Book three soon?

I don't know what to say about the plot in this book. I don't want to do a recap. And I don't want to spoil anything. There is so much happening in the last 200 pages of this book. So much heartbreak and tears. And scary parts. And awful parts. And it was all so perfect. Just didn't except it from a middle grade book ;p Which only made it better, to be honest. It was all just so good. I also really liked the magic training in this book. Was kind of fascinating :) And I liked reading about it.

There is so much happening in this book. So many deaths. And heartbreaks. My heart still feels broken. What upset me the most, though, was the Island of Silence. We didn't see that much of it. There will be tons more in book three, I can tell. But what we saw broke me. Such an awful place. And so well written and I loved it even if it killed me. Awful things happen there. To characters I loved. There is this necklace, that they sew into the people's neck, so that they are silent. *Shudders.*

See, I told one thing about the plot! The most awful thing, even. But no matter what I would say, I could never describe to awfulness. You just need to read it. It's worth it. Promise. Even if it ends bad. With a big cliffhanger. And the book makes you so sad and heartbroken. It is still perfect. Island of Silence is an amazing book. And if you have read The Unwanteds, then you must read this perfect sequel. Still haven't started this series? Then do so! It's so good. Promise. :)


  1. Wow, this sounds very good! I'm glad it turned around for you after the slow start. I still haven't started this series yet, surprise surprise. ;) I will need to, it seems! Lovely review. :)

    1. It is awesome! <3 I really think you should read this series :) Sigh, Sam. You must start reading middle grade books! They are so so so so good :) <3 Thank you :)


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