Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mini Review: Ruled by Caragh M. O'Brien

Ruled is a short story set between Prized and Promised. It's told from Leon's point of view. And I adore Leon. I'm still upset about the second book in this series; Prized. But I did love the first one, Birthmarked. Disliked Prized because of stupid love triangles, like all books have these days. But still. Super excited for book three, which I'm starting today :) Anyway. Time for my review of Ruled :) Won't be very long, since the short story isn't that long.

I'm not sure how to feel about this short story. I love Leon. I adore him. He's so kind and gentle and sweet and loving. But I hate Gaia. I really do. She has no feelings in her heart at all. I don't think she cares for Leon. Not really. And that does break my heart. Because Leon deserves so much love. He's an amazing guy, and I hate that she treats him like this. It isn't fair. Not at all. And I'm not happy about it. Doesn't make me love the books. It just makes me heartbroken. But still. I love Leon.

And I love reading from Leon's point of view. Kind of wish the books had been from his point of view. Cause he really is an amazing character. I didn't like the beginning of this short story. Because Peter is there. And I don't like him. Not much. Plus, he's annoying. I actually didn't like this short story very much. It's only heartbreaking and sad. But still giving it four stars. Because I loved Leon so much, and this story is interesting :) You should read it if you have read the other books. Truly.

This is my favorite quote from this short story: "The more he thought about it, the more Leon hated being on a string. He wondered why it wasn’t the other way around. Why was he always the one who was begging? He didn’t actually beg. He never would. But it felt like that." I love it because it's true. Gaia was such a fucking asshole in book two. She should be BEGGING him to be with her. And she isn't. Asshole. I am still not forgiving her :\ Leon is too good for her. Sigh. Too much drama.

And this quote. "He would never hurt her now, but still she didn’t care enough for him. He didn’t know if she ever would. He couldn’t understand this sick thing inside him that made him love her so intensely even when she kept holding back the last sliver of herself." My god. I am HATING Gaia. Sigh. Do not understand why I'm still reading this series :\ Oh, well. I do love the story :) And the writing. And I love Leon. And oh. If Gaia doesn't make up for it in book three I will not be happy.

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