Thursday, March 7, 2024

Cover Reveal: The Mirror of Beasts by Alexandra Bracken

Eeee! I am so very excited about this gorgeous cover :D It was revealed a bit over a week ago. And it is so very stunning. Sigh. I was lucky enough to read an early copy of The Mirror of Beasts last month, and it was every kind of perfect. Sigh. I love Silver in the Bone and The Mirror of Beasts with all my heart. This duology by Alexandra Bracken is perfection. I loved it so much, eee. Best characters. Best romance. And such a wonderful world, a mix of ours with some fantasy elements. A little magic. A little myth. A whole lot of death and hurt and betrayals. But so full of hope and sisters and love and romance and oh. These two books were so precious to me. And The Mirror of Beasts was the very best ending to this series. You are all going to love it when it comes out late this summer. And this cover! Eeee! I so love this new cover :D I did very much love the old cover for Silver, but these new covers are stunning. I love that they got a new one for Silver too. And I love that there are small differences between the US and UK editions. The book will be out on July 30th. And I'm getting all the copies of this precious book, ha :D This duology was truly perfect. You can get a free dust jacket of the new Silver in the Bone paperback cover for your hardcover from the publisher here. <3 I'm so excited about this offer, and I am hopefully getting it with the help of a precious friend :) If you still have not read Silver in the Bone, then you are truly missing out on the most incredible story. Getting to read about Tamsin and Emrys was the best. Sigh. All of the other characters too, of course. But they are my favorites, always ;) Just. Honestly. The very best duology I have read. <3

#1 New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Bracken is back with the electrifying sequel to SILVER IN THE BONE, in which fresh betrayal ignites ancient magic to wake the dead, and a cursed girl with no magic of her own must put the past to rest.

With the dream of Avalon in ruins, Tamsin and her friends are all that stands in the way of Lord Death’s plans to unleash the horrors of Anwnn on the world of the living. As the Wild Hunt carves a bloody path across continents, Tamsin is mustering allies, tracking down powerful artifacts, and traversing into new otherlands in search of a way to stop him.

Legend tells of a “Mirror of Beasts,” powerful enough to trap even Lord Death in its accursed glass, but the mirror is not all that it seems. Tamsin must confront her own darkest secrets if she hopes to tap the mirror’s strength to defeat her enemies.

Arthurian legend bleeds into contemporary action, and scars of the past are torn open anew by a starcrossed love that refuses to go quietly. This riveting conclusion to the Silver in the Bone duology will hold you in its thrall until the very last page.

The Mirror of Beasts. Silver in the Bone. Alexandra Bracken.
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US Editions. Blackwells. Amazon. Barnes & Noble.

UK Editions. Blackwells. Amazon.

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