Saturday, March 2, 2024

In My Mailbox #643

Ohh, this week have been busy. I finished re-reading A Crown of Ivy and Glass. <3 And then I read all of A Song of Ash and Moonlight :) Which was so good, eee. <3 Then I had to rush to re-watch Dune, since I was going to the cinema to watch Dune 2. Which was also amazing. I loved it. Been trying to take it easy since then, haha. As I am a little exhausted from having read so much lately. Read four amazing books in February. <3 Worth it, though :) But I'm tired now, haha. I'm also still healing from my surgery. Ugh. But it is better, I guess. But not by much. Sigh. Hoping it will start healing faster now. Hmph. I also got a whole bunch of books this week, ack. Maybe many next week too, oops. Love them all :D I also, finally, updated some of my blog pages :D So now my wishlist + waiting on wednesday + in my mailbox + reviews + other posts are all up to date, finally, ha. Still need to fix my favorites, which I have not done in years and years. But that will take ages, so not doing so just yet, ha. Some new blog posts this week. I shared my second review of A Crown of Ivy and Glass :D I shared my review of A Song of Ash and Moonlight. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Thirteenth Child :) It was some true spring feeling today, with sun and no wind and a little warmth too. Sigh. Waiting for April and spa bath. Just weeks left :D Hope you are all doing well. <3

With a Little Luck. New Marissa Meyer, eee :D Of course I had to get two hardcovers, haha. So precious.
To Cage a God. Such a big fan of Elizabeth. <3 Adore her. And I am so excited about this. Looks great :)
The Forgotten Five: Dangerous Allies. I am so behind on books by Lisa, ack. But I'm still buying them all.
The Lost Ones. Been a fan of Lauren DeStefano for years, so I had to get this one :) It looks pretty great.
A Tempest of Tea. Waterstones exclusive edition :) Looks all kinds of gorgeous. Hoping I'll love this book.
The Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel 7. I'm not sure when I'm going to read these. But I own them all ;)
Fast & Furious X + Elemental. New movies, ha :D I liked Elemental. But not yet seen the new Fast movie.
The Crimson Moth. January Fairyloot YA book :) It looks stunning. But.. no art card. Aw. How rude, haha.

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