Saturday, March 9, 2024

In My Mailbox #644

Another new week :) Did not read anything this week either, but needed a little break after those amazing books last month, haha. <3 I'm planning on starting a new book tomorrow, though :) Yesterday I watched Damsel. <3 Which was awesome. I loved it. And just watched it again, with my mom, ha :) I loved it a lot. My wound is still not healing all that well. Sigh. Please let in close within two weeks. I'm so goddamn tired of it. I just miss my baths. Sobs. And tired of other things with it as well that sucks. Sigh. So, yeah. I'm just trying my best to be okay. But I am so goddamn tired of this shit. So yeah. I'm exhausted lately. Got some gorgeous mail, though, which I love. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Fate of Magic :) And I shared about the cover reveal for The Mirror of Beasts. <3 Hope you're all doing well :D Spring is getting closer, finally.

Cinder + Scarlet + Cress + Winter. Fairyloot editions. Help. I could not help but buy these special editions back in December, ack. <3 They were running out of stock. I had to have them, haha :) So very beautiful.
Empire of the Damned. Two of my copies have arrived. Goldsboro and Waterstones editions :D Stunning.
Fate Breaker. Third book, haven't read the first yet. Oops. One day :D Pretty waterstones special edition.
To Cage a God. At last got my UK edition, after it was sent elsewhere first, ha :) I love this cover version.
Sound the Gong. Pre-order swag from Joan, eee :D Thank you so much love. So very gorgeous. Love :)

Funko Europe. Oh. First order in over a month. Had a little break from buying pop figures, ha :) But then they got in the Bambi ones, so I could not put it off any longer. Had many I had waited to buy, ha. And I love them all. Sigh. New Stitch pins, eee :D They are stunning. I tried to buy 12 Stranger Things mystery minis at once, for the first time, to get that whole box. Thinking this time I would get Max. But nooo. Still not. Uuugh. I'm still not giving up, though, ha! Next time. Hmph. Love my Dune ones. <3 Love Mirabel.

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