Saturday, March 16, 2024

In My Mailbox #645

Already been another week. Gosh. This week have gone by pretty fast. I'm exhausted, though, haha. But I'm doing mostly okay. Waiting for my wound to heal, as always. Ugh. But it does look better for each day. Waiting for spring. Instead got more snow this week. How rude. But still. Hoping to get my spa bath up in about two weeks, eee. Just need my wound to close by then. Ugh. Seems unlikely. Sigh. But I'm hopeful. At least a little bit, haha. Managed to read a book this week :) A shorter one. Have my next read ready as well, but not ready to read it just yet. I'm still just so very exhausted. Sigh. I also had to take new photos for instagram, got twelve new taken, haha. Which I'm happy about :) Can't wait for winter to be over, and grass to return. Will be so much easier to take outdoor book photos when the ground is dry, ha. New blog posts. I shared my review of The Thirteenth Circle :D And I'm waiting on Against the Darkness :) Got new mail this week; a few lovely books and the most gorgeous plushes. Hope that you are all doing well. <3

Empire of the Damned. Regular UK edition. Of course it arrived damaged. Uuugh. How very rude, haha.
The Prisoner's Throne. Waterstones exclusive :D I still haven't read these books by Holly. Oops. One day.
The Isles of the Gods. New UK paperback edition :) Gorgeous. But a bit damaged. Sigh. How typical, ha.
The Thirteenth Circle. International paperback edition. Had to own this version too, haha :) It is so pretty.
Disney Store. Eeee. My second order after they opened, ha. LOVE these Japan exclusive pushes. Gods. They are perfection. Marie pencil case as well. Cuuute. Omg. Lucifer is the actual best. Huge and fluffy :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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