Saturday, March 30, 2024

In My Mailbox #647

Happy Easter :D I'm just spending it at home, haha. Which is the best :) Though, I was at the cinema on Wednesday, where I saw Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Which was my favorite movie of them all. <3 It was so very good. Sigh. Cannot wait to see it again, haha. I also read a book this week, which was not all that good. Oops. And still just trying to heal from my surgery. Now over nine weeks since my surgery. Still not healed. It seems to be stuck, and I hate it. Sigh. Also waiting to get my spa bath up again, but it's now getting cold for a while. Brrr. How rude. Also feeling sick lately, so I'm just trying to take it easy. Just. I want to heal already. Sigh. I shared my review of I'm the Girl :) This week I'm waiting on Prince of Glass & Midnight :D Hope you are all having the best Easter. <3 And getting more Spring weather than me, haha.

A Tempest of Tea. Fairyloot March YA book. It looks pretty, but a little meh too. Hoping to love this one :)
Ruthless Vows. At last got my Owlcrate edition :) Gorgeous. Sad I missed out on the signed one, though.
Empire of the Damned. Regular US edition :) Which is way skinnier than the UK editions; I love that, ha.
A Crown of Ivy and Glass. Second copy of this gorgeous new paperback edition, haha. I so love this one.
Damsel. I had to get this movie-tie-in book :D Looks stunning. Unsure if I will ever read this book, though.
Monkey + Crocs. Eee! Got these two stunning items from my sister as an Easter present. <3 Love them.
Princess Peach + Controllers. So excited for this new game :D And new pink controllers, eee. Stunning.
Doorables. These Encanto Doorables are gorgeous. Had to get them from amazon. So cute and small :)
Funko Europe. Yeah. I ordered again. Uuugh. And yes. I did try again to get the Max mystery mini from Stranger Things. And I failed again. How rude. Tried to get the chase sodas from LotR, but failed that as well, ha. So trying to sell my extras. But got Theoden :D Which I love. And some of the new Godzilla pop figures, ahh :D They are gorgeous. Love them so very much. Hoping to buy more of them soon, haha :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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