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Review: Silver in the Bone by Alexandra Bracken

Of course I was going to read this book again. I loved it so much last year. And loved it just as much this second time. If not more. This story is simply the very best and I love it to pieces. I cannot wait to read book two. Although I am all kinds of nervous for it. I want my happy ending. And with the ending of this first one, ha.

I guess my chances of a happy ending are small. But it is there. And I am crossing everything. This ending ruined me. Again. Yet I was prepared this time, of course. Which did soften the blow a little. And made me take in more details. It made it more exciting too, in a way. This whole book makes me happy and also ruined.

There is very much to say about this book. Yet I am pretty sure I said it all in my first review, ha. And so I'm going to try to keep it shorter this time. I may fail. Starting by saying that the writing is fully perfect. And I felt connected to everything, once more. The beginning of this is a little slow, taking place in our world. But it's where we get to truly know Tamsin and her brother, Cabell. I do very much love this start of the book. As I so loved getting to see them together and how they live together. They try their hardest to stay together too, despite Cabell's curse. One of my favorite parts is knowing how they lived for several years, growing up. The library scenes with the cats and the Librarian. Sigh. It was the cutest. And yet fully sad, of course. And heartbreaking. These two kids deserved so much better from everyone around them.

Okay. I may have started this review a little in the middle. This is a book written from the point of view of Tamsin. She lives with her brother, Cabell. Not her real brother, but they have been together since they were smaller. Their guardian, Nash, abandoned them seven years ago. He is probably dead. Since then they have done everything they can to survive. It has not been easy. And it hurt my heart to read about those years they spent alone. Yet they had each other. Their sibling relationship was the very best thing.

This book takes place in our world. But it is a hidden world of magic and sorcerers and some people that have different small powers. These are called Hollowers. Cabell is one, with a power. But Tamsin has no power of her own. Which has made her feel left out all her life. And that ruined me. She is a little broken. All kinds of locked up inside, keeping everyone away. Keeping her true feelings inside of her. But I didn't blame her at all. She just wanted to feel loved and wanted, after having been left behind so many times.

Tamsin and Cabell spend their days working for the Guild, those in charge of this group of people. They also work for sorcerers, finding lost relics of ancient times for them, earning money to keep living. I fully loved getting to know about their life. And now I have already written too much about it all, when I was only going to write a short review. Oops. But yes. I loved this hidden world of magic and curses. I loved how all Hollowers had the One Sight. Allowing them to see magical things that other humans could not.

That Tamsin could not see. Until she tried a dangerous way of getting this vision. Which was awful. But I loved reading about it. And it was successful. And I loved how things changed for her then, being able to see magic for real. But it also made it much more clear how different she had been from her brother and everyone around her without it. Okay. I need to stop writing about the plot. This book takes place in our world at first. Until they are hunting for a lost ring. And then end up traveling to an Otherworld. To Avalon.

And I very much loved this place. It was dark and dangerous and not at all what they had thought it would be. They end up being almost killed right away. And I really loved that, haha. Tamsin is travelling with her brother. And her new friend, Neve. And her mostly enemy, Emrys. Sigh. I loved all of these characters to pieces. I loved how Tamsin did not actually like Neve at first. But she slowly grew on her. And then they ended up being the best of friends. It was the sweetest thing, how Neve managed to get under her armor.

And Emrys. I cannot with this boy. He is damaged. Yet always in a good mood, which Tamsin despises. She hates him. And he seems to like her, though she cannot see it. They are always arguing. Which I did not actually love, ha. But I did like it most of the time. I so loved how they went from these rivals to almost friends. And then to actual friends. And almost lovers. And I just. Oh. I shipped them more than anything. Tamsin was so bitter most of the time. Emrys always seemed more soft. They fit together perfectly to me.

There is so much going on in this book. Cabell is cursed. And his curse was so rude yet written so very well and I loved every moment of it. I did love him too. Though it was complicated, as he kept changing in this book and I very much did not like that. Hmph. Some other characters in this book were Caitriona and Olwen. I loved their growing friendships with these girls. I truly loved getting to know them all. Especially little Flea. I sort of liked getting to know Bedivere, though he seemed weird. The women were awesome.

This book takes place in Avalon. A place that is cursed. That they have to try to figure out how to save, if at all possible. It's haunted by monsters during the night. There are only a handful of hours of daylight. It is not a good place to be. And I honestly loved reading every moment of it, ha. This book is fully dark and dangerous. And I adored it. I loved learning more about the legends of this place. I loved learning about the fierce women who protected it and kept them all alive, as best they could. It was all simply amazing.

I have to add a little more. Just to talk about the women in this book. How their sisterhood was the best thing. How it helped Tamsin and saved her when she needed it the most. How they were all so close. And how cute it was. I loved it to pieces. And the magic in this book. It is small but beautiful. I loved what Neve could do. And all the dark parts. How many died. How many were hurt. It was thrilling and exciting to read about. Yet so sad too. And I loved it very much. Especially the scene with Tamsin at the small lake. Sigh.

And oh, how many favorite scenes I have from this book. There is very much I have not shared. And will not share. But must talk a little about what I loved most. There is a scene in the woods, in a tower. Where Emrys has to heal Tamsin and keep her from dying and from freezing. It was the best scene in this book. Sigh. There is an earlier scene at the baths, where Tamsin learns more about him. It was raw and hurtful and I loved it so. I'm so hoping for more scenes like these, haha. I just loved this small romance the most.

I have already written too much about this book now. Oops. Yet not nearly enough. I feel like I could write about it always. And I so love that. Silver in the Bone truly touched my heart. It is so precious to me. And I have collected every copy of the book, with many being hard to get. They are stunning. And I cannot wait to get all the copies of book two as well. This book has a special place in my heart. I love it the very most. Even with how that ending crushed me. It was also the very best. My poor heart. You must read this too.


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