Saturday, February 24, 2024

In My Mailbox #642

Ohh. This week have been pretty epic, with more of the best mail, haha :) It so killed me that I got to read The Mirror of Beasts last week. <3 And then this week I got A Song of Ash and Moonlight :D Ahh! I could not be more excited. <3 And happy. And lucky. I'm currently re-reading A Crown of Ivy and Glass :) Which I should have been done with already, but I'm slow to read this week, as I'm not feeling the best. Sigh. But finishing it tomorrow. <3 And loving this re-read. But yeah. Health sucks. My surgery wound hasn't healed yet, and it's been over four weeks now. Ugh. I just want it to close. I miss my baths. But it is better. I think. Just so slooow to heal. I'm so tired of it. It was also medicine day this week, which sucked. But I survived, ha :) Now just trying to take it easy. And read amazing books when I'm able to. So excited to start A Song of Ash and Moonlight shortly. This week I'm waiting on Bye Forever, I Guess :) I hope you are all well. <3

A Song of Ash and Moonlight. OH MY GODS. Biggest thank you to Sophie at Sourcebooks International for sending me this one right after I sent her my email ARC request, eee. I am so lucky. <3 It's precious.
Instant Karma + With a Little Luck. UK paperbacks :D They are gorgeous. Excited for With a Little Luck.
Barbie. I know. I did not actually like this movie, ha :) But I do collect movies, and wanted to own this one.

Disney Store EU. Ahhh! Disney finally opened up shipping to Norway, after years without :D I have been waiting for ages, haha. And finally I can order again. <3 Though. Well. Bad luck for my money. Sigh. But I had to order some things, haha ;) So this was my first order. <3 And I love it all. Some Disney dolls I were missing :) All gorgeous. Love the plushes. Love the figures. Love the headband; was a free gift :) So cute.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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