Monday, September 5, 2022

Review: Phoenix Flight by Jessica Khoury

This was such an incredible finale to a stunning adventure. Yet I do not at all want it to be over. I want more so badly. But it was such a great ending. A most evil and heartbreaking third book. I loved every moment of it. As always, the writing was perfection. This world Jessica has created is truly the best. Love it so much.

There is so much I wish to say about this book. And so much I probably should not say about it, haha. I just loved it too much. I want another book more than anything. When the characters are a few years older. Since I need that romance to happen. It would be so beautiful and oh. I wish it most. Five stars to this precious.

Where do I even begin with this book. There is so much going on. So much happens, even with this being a short book. Still wish it was even longer, ha. But loved it so, so very much. This third book starts right where book two ended. After Nox died. After Gussie betrayed them. And after Ellie brought Nox back from the dead by putting him on fire. Eee. I just loved this story so much. Sigh. It was perfection. Exciting. So fully interesting. I loved reading about Nox now being a Phoenix, and not a Crow. It was so awesome. Though he did not think so. Not for a moment. And that was heartbreaking. Because this poor boy has so much pain inside of him. So much doubt about himself. And it hurt so badly to read about. Because he was so precious and I loved him the very most. Okay, fine. I loved Ellie just as much.

But I loved them together even more. And because of this I had one complaint about this third book. They spent way, way too much of it being apart. It broke my heart. It had to happen, I know. And they both had important roles to do elsewhere. But even so. I did not like them being apart for some weeks. It just made me sad, ack. Especially because of how it happened, with Nox just leaving. Sobs. The scene before he left was so awesome yet so sad too. I loved it. What I loved most, though, was their reunion. So beautiful.

Okay, fine. This is a middle grade series. They are just twelve and thirteen years old. But oh, I wanted them together so very much. And that romance must happen. It was so obvious that they feel more for each other than just friendship. That just made me love them even more. Eee. But also, their friendship truly was the best. And I loved reading about it the very most. But yes. They must end up a couple. And I so need another book so that I can read about it happening. I loved this story too much for it to be over.

There is so much going on in this final book. And I shall not describe much of it. There is a war going on. The King has gone pretty much crazy, with hunting for Nox, to kill him. There were so many bad things happening to everyone. It was pretty horrible to read about. And so awesome too. I loved how well written everything was. We learn much more about the gargols and the islands in the sky. I loved that storyline so much. It was always interesting to read about and I loved knowing more. I so loved how it all ended.

And the characters were truly the best. Nox and Ellie were my favorite, of course. But Twig was incredible and the sweetest. He suffered most of all. But he was still so brave and awesome. I grew to like Gussie again too, after her betrayal. It was so rude of her, though. I also liked that Zain got another chance to be Ellie's friend, that he was better at it. And his prince was awesome too. Their growing romance was the cutest. I honestly just loved them all. I so loved how they protected each other and cared for each other.

I have already written too much about this book yet not nearly enough. The Skyborn trilogy have been beyond incredible. I loved every moment of Phoenix Flight. I loved how everything came together and how it all ended. I loved how Nox and Ellie both changed more. Most of all I simply want them together. Oops. I loved how very emotional these books are. How full of heart they are. Ellie was the bravest girl. She changed the world. I shall always treasure these books. I know I'll read them again. You should too.

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