Saturday, September 17, 2022

Review: Hide by Kiersten White

I have been excited to read this book for a long time. It sounded so creepy and exciting. Having now read it, I'm not sure how to describe it. I did enjoy this book, and I'm giving it three stars. But I sadly did not love it. And I'm unsure what to share about this. It messed a bit with my head. Yet not in that good, bad way. Sigh.

There is so much I should mention about this story. Will not share most of it, ha. I ended up with a three star. Though that feel like a little too much as well. As I did not truly like this book. I enjoyed the story, the somewhat mystery of it. But I sadly did not care for the characters. And I was not scared. Not even a little. Aw. Rude.

Okay, that might have been my own fault, because I did peek at the ending before I read the book, so I knew the twist right away. Oops. And I knew who survived. But this did not make me care for any of them, even so. And I did not find the story to be scary. So I don't really think that peeking made a difference, in the end. And yet. Three stars. Because I did like the idea of this book. I liked the story of it. Fourteen people, trapped in an abandoned amusement park, playing hide-and-seek there for seven days. Not knowing at first that the two people getting found every day are not really getting found by someone. That something else is going on, something more dangerous. I wanted this book to be scary and creepy. But it was not, not for me. I felt like it could have been better. And yet I did enjoy it too. Just not enough.

To be honest, the problem for me was most likely the way it was written. It gave me a little headache. I would have much preferred it if this book was only told from the point of view of the main girl, Mack. Well, a woman, not a girl, in her mid-twenties. But it was not. It was told a little from everyone. All fourteen and a few more. And it was not organized either, not really. So, yeah. I didn't like that. And I did not care much either. Those characters had no purpose. Their views weren't even scary. Wanted more death, more pain.

There was much going on with this book. I will try to share a little of it. The first few pages start off great. It seemed creepy and like it would be even more creepy. It wasn't. How rude. I mean, sure. There are a lot of deaths in this book. But we see too few of them. And they weren't exciting to read about, to be honest. I wanted more darkness, more thriller. At the very least, I wanted to care more than what I did. May just be my problem. This is a story meant to be about our world now, our problems. It wrote that well, I think.

Probably, anyway. Some parts of this book were exciting to read about. Though for the most part I just did not care much, which was depressing. One thing I liked, though, was the backstory of the main character, Mack. She had such a sad story, about how she lost her family. And I liked reading about that a lot. Might be because I'm a fan of true crime. Oops. But I also felt like some things about it were repeated too often, and some things were never mentioned at all, which I wish had been written more about. Still. Was good.

This book was a thriller. Despite me not finding it very scary. It was about those fourteen people trying to win the game they had been invited to play. Being told there would be one winner, who would get money. Which they all needed. They disappeared two each day. The rules were that they could only hide when the sun was up. I wish I had felt more suspense. But, honestly, those days of hiding just grew to be boring for me, haha. But even so. Three stars. I did like parts of this book. I did like the twist. But I wanted more.

And I also wanted less. I wanted less information about all those other characters that did not matter one bit. The main ones were Mack and Ava and LeGrand. I did like all three of them, I just did not love them or really care if they lived or died. Sorry. I honestly cared more for the other Ava, and was not happy with her fate at all. Oh. And Brandon. He deserved better. Also unsure about the ending. It was a good end, I suppose, but it just ended. There was very much I wanted to know, about the twist, what happened next.

I have shared enough about this book for now, though. More than I thought I would write and I have not really shared much about the story at all. Ha. But there truly was not that much to share. It takes place in less than a week. It was mostly just hiding and that was mostly boring. There was a little hunting. Which I wanted to know more about and that I liked the idea of. Overall, Hide was an interesting book. Not what I thought it would be and not as exciting as I wanted it to be. Yet it was still worth reading. So you should.

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