Saturday, September 24, 2022

In My Mailbox #568

Another week gone by. Ack. So many autumn colors outside, though :) Love that. Today it is three months until Christmas. I'm ready :D A Christmas radio channel started playing again today, ha, so I'm listening to that a little too. <3 I started reading something new this week too, eee :D For the Wolf. Reading book two, For the Throne, right now. <3 Love them so much. Sigh. So happy to finally be reading a little more, more often, right now :) It is good. I'm still exhausted and feel like I don't have time for anything, though. Oops. But doing my best. The days are just going by too fast. I'm having a hospital trip next week, which will be so long and so exhausting. Only a day trip, and a fast visit, but a long day. It will be good, but I'm already exhausted, just thinking about it, ha :) This week I have a couple of new blog posts. I shared my review of For the Wolf. <3 This week I'm waiting on A Door in the Dark :) I got some stunning mail this week. <3 But a package is missing too. Hmph. I hope it is just a few days delayed in getting shipped, but worried they may have lost it before shipping it. How rude. Will see on Monday, I guess. Ack. Nervous. Anyway. Hope you are all doing well. <3 I feel pretty sick lately. But trying my best and still doing good enough :)

I'm the Girl. I'm so excited for this new book by Courtney, eee :D I just know that I will love it, of course.
The School for Good and Evil. Another of the movie-tie-ins, oops :) This time the UK paperback edition.
The Collectors. Of course I'm still buying every new Philip release. Oops. Already read this one, though :)
Beth Revis swag. A new gorgeous piece of swag from Beth for being a part of her awesome group. <3
Animal Crossing. Some gorgeous Animal Crossing merch :D As a gift from my sister. <3 I love all of it :)
Baymax Soda. Ahh! Funko Europe added it early by mistake. I got it, eee. So limited. So gorgeous. Sadly did not get the chase, aw. But I may be waiting on a new. Oops. In the missing package. Fingers crossed.
Funko Pop Figure. Only one order arrived this week, ha :) A stunning flocked Pikachu. <3 Gosh. Perfect.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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