Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Review: For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten

At last, I have read this most precious book. I have wanted to read it for ages and now I finally made myself start it. And I am so glad that I did so. Giving this five stars, as there was honestly not one part of this book I did not enjoy to pieces. I loved it very much. And I'm so glad that I am finally reading this lovely series.

Will start by saying that I loved the writing. Sigh. It was all written so well. I loved that the book is mostly from the point of view of Red. With a little of Neve included here and there. Both of them are amazing. And I can't wait to get to know Neve even more in book two. And hoping for more of Red and Eammon, of course.

There is so much that happens in this one. So much that I could share about. But I shall try my best to share just a little. Though that never seems to work with me, ha. But trying even so. I have always known that I would love this, as it sounded like such an epic fantasy story. It gives me much joy to know that I was right. That I did end up loving it so. That it was an awesome fantasy book. Full of magic and mysteries and most important, romance. Because this beauty of a book had such a great romance story too. Sigh. I loved Red and Eammon very much. Okay, I wish there had been even more romance. But it was enough, because it was so beautiful. There was no drama. And I am forever thankful for that. Their growing relationship was pure and perfect.

This book tells the story of twin sisters Red and Neve. They live in a world with magic, which is for the most part contained to the Wilderwood, which no one can enter. It is the home of the Wolf. It is the prison of the missing five Kings. And Red has been cursed since birth. The first daughter is for the Throne. The second daughter is for the Wolf. And Red has been for the Wolf since she was born second. It was pretty sad to read about how she was treated because of this, for twenty years. But Neve loved her completely.

Their sister relationship was so good to read about. For the few pages it was, ha, in the beginning. Before Red was sacrificed to the Wilderwoods, to the Wolf living there. I found it so fascinating to read about all their history, all their beliefs. They were pretty crazy, of course. But so interesting to read about. I shall not really mention it, but I loved it. Red was certain she would die when she entered the woods. She did not. She also had magic in her blood, after her visit to the forest years before. It is the start of her adventure.

Red is attacked by the Wilderwood trees when she enters the forest. They are after her blood. She's able to run, finding a decaying castle in the woods. This is where the Wolf lives. Where she meets Eammon. He is not what she was expecting at all. Not a monster. Yet not truly human either. A little cold, but kind. And oh, how I adored Eammon. He was simply perfection. Such a broody man, ha. And broken. Beyond broken, almost. But so kind and loving and sigh. He was truly the best. I loved them together the most.

He did not live alone, though. He had two others with him, also cursed. Fife and Lyra. They were beyond adorable too. I just loved them all. And I loved how Red started getting closer with them all. I loved her life in the castle. I loved how ruined it was, how the forest kept coming into it. I truly loved reading about Red learning about the magic in her blood. How it was dangerous. Yet also needed. And how it could be used to help things. Because Eammon needed a lot of help. The Wilderwoods was dying. Both needed Red.

And this was a book about trying to save it. Somewhat. It was a book about Red and Neve. Neve wanting to save Red from the forest, doing anything to get her back. Red, learning to love the forest, not wanting to leave. Her growing to love Eammon. And oh gods, I loved their relationship the very most. They were perfect together. As I said, no drama. And that just felt so good. Sigh. I loved how they were together. I loved how they started doing magic together. Just being together. It was so sweet. A little bittersweet too.

There is so much happening in this book. I have mentioned some of it. And I will not mention more of it. As there is too much. And I just wanted to share what I loved about this story. Though I haven't shared nearly enough about that either, ha. But I'm ready to start reading book two. This ended so badly. I must know what happens next. I need my happy ending for everyone. For the Wolf was everything I wanted it to be. An epic magical fantasy story. With the best characters and romance. I'm so glad that I read it now.

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