Saturday, September 10, 2022

In My Mailbox #566

Oh. This week have been busy. Busy, good, bad. All the things. I finally read Skyborn two and three, so two books read this week, eee. <3 I'm so happy about that :) As I loved them both so very much. Sigh. Hoping to start another book shortly too. Fingers crossed it won't take me ages, ha. My health sucks, so I'm just exhausted all the time, as always. I had some bad luck with some packages that are driving me insane and just makes me sad, honestly. But had a good week too, so trying to focus on that :) I did get a whole bunch of mail, though. Oops. I need to stop buying from Funko Europe. Gah. Can't make myself stop. Oops. Another package coming next week, ha. Oh, well. I love them all, eee :D I shared my review of Call of the Crow. <3 I shared my review of Phoenix Flight :D This week I'm waiting on A Tempest at Sea. <3 Hope you are all doing well :) I love that autumn is here. Just.. miss the warmth outside, ha :)

Lord of Shadows. Anniversary UK edition. <3 And I just think that it looks gorgeous. Sigh. Love it so :D
The School for Good and Evil. Paperback edition of the movie-tie-in. <3 Because of course I needed it :D
Nevernight LitJoy Crate. A missing piece of art card arrived in the mail, from that stunning book box set.
Pop Figures. Oops. More pre-orders :D Now I have all the villains, yesss. And more Pokemon. Love. <3
Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. Oh. I bought from France again. This time customs. So, so angry. Ugh. But. I love the cards, of course. <3 Now just missing 7. Wish I had gotten them all, haha :D Next time. <3

Funko Europe. Oh. Too many pop figures this week too from Funko Europe. Oops. Two orders. All so so very awesome, eee. I love that I started collecting some Soda's. Oops. They are awesome :D Love the cute pink ones. <3 LOVE the new Scar one :D Finally got my The Little Mermaid special. <3 Sigh. Love.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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