Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Review: The Oddmire: Deepest, Darkest by William Ritter

This book is not coming out until next summer. And yet I could not resist reading it right away, after I got approved for an eARC via Edelweiss. And I do not regret it for one moment. This book was so very perfect. And I loved every moment of it. Five stars for sure. I will do my best to share a mostly spoiler free review.

I will be including a few important plot pieces, but nothing that really spoils what happens. Just, gosh. This third book was so very good. As I knew it would. I'm so in love with The Oddmire series. There must be more books. It could have ended with this one, but I do not think so. Still much more that needs to be told.

The writing was perfect, as with the other books too. I had no problem at all with connecting to the story and the characters. I decided to not re-read the first two books before I started this, as I did that this summer. So not too far ago. And although I wish I had re-read them, I did not need to. I remembered almost every detail, and this book was good at reminders too. There is just so much to love about this story. I do not know where to begin. Will not write too much about this book. Only sharing a little about what I loved about it. Which might be way too much, ha. These books seem to get darker and darker for each book. All of them are dark. But this one the most. Sad at times. But hopeful and happy too. But it did break my heart a few times. Very rude.

This is still the story about Tinn and Cole. And their friends, Fable and Evie. Their mother too. This time they are searching for their missing dad. Whom the twins have never known, as he went missing when they were babies. Cole wants to find him so badly. Tinn does too. But he is more nervous, so worried that their father will not want him. I understood so well why he was worried about finding him. But gosh, it was sad to read about too. I just wanted to hug this poor boy. He was so different from them. Still their family.

The book starts a little slow, with the boys searching for clues about how to find their dad underground. Then they learn more. And learn how they might be able to find him, if he is still alive. Which is how this next adventure begins. They all go underground. Deep, deep under their town. The twins and their mom, Fable and her mom, and Evie with old Jim too. They all wish to find the missing dad. But this was not a safe journey to take. And it very much does not go as they planned. Which was fully amazing, honestly.

There was so much going on in this third book. We get to see The Thing again. Which was both creepy and so awesome. We get to see so much underground. It was fully interesting and exciting. Things go badly for them all. There are falls and danger and pain. There are evil creatures underneath the earth. And getting to know more about them all was so great. I did not like them one bit, ha. But it was so good to read about. There is a great sleeping thing underneath the magma. Reading about that was the best.

The Oddmire: Deepest, Darkest was everything I wanted it to be. Fully perfect and so fun. Completely evil and heartbreaking at times. So dark yet full of hope. These stories about Tinn and Cole are the very best. I love these twin boys the most. Fable and Evie are both perfect too. And I just love their friendships so much. I will not say more about this book. Just that I loved it so very much and cannot wait for more. You must read them too. Thank you very much Algonquin Young Readers for the approval to read this early.

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