Saturday, October 24, 2020

In My Mailbox #468

Hello. This week have been all kinds of busy and exhausting for me. Gah. Haven't read much this week, only finished my book last Sunday. I know what I'm reading next. I just haven't had the time for it just yet. Ack. But hoping for the next few days. Fingers crossed. This week I have been putting most of my pop figures on new shelves just their size, in my staircase. It turned out awesome. But gosh, I'm tired, haha. And today I decided to finally get up my Happy Hello bookmarks on my wall again. You know,  my several hundred of those. Hahaha. Yeah. I'm dead. But also, worth it. Just a bit too much for my body. I'm simply way too tired and hurting all over. Hmph. But doing good. For now. Corona has officially made it to town. Eight cases so far. I'm certain it will spread. But gosh, I hope not. My family and I are not healthy enough to get this too. So yeah. Nervous and worried. Hoping we will all be safe. Anyway. A couple of new blog posts this week. I shared my review of Twin Daggers :) This week I'm waiting on Deepest, Darkest :D And holy crap. I got SO MUCH mail this week. Ahhh. All the books. Gosh. Help me, hahaha. So love them all, though. <3 Also. Reminder. Too few of you have entered my blog birthday giveaway. Two new free books, international. Link below. Do enter if you have the time. <3 The books are aaamazing :) Would so love a comment too. All the hugs. Winter is officially here. No snow yet, but soon. It is so cold, so dark, haha :)

Pre-orders of Foxheart and Thornlight by Claire Legrand. International. Ends 11/01.

The Lunar Chronicles Box Set. I already own all the new paperbacks. Oops. Had to get this box set. <3
Fairest + Stars Above. I know, I know. I got the box set. But already have them all too; needed these :D
You Were Never Here. I very much adored this book. So of course I had to have a stunning hardcover :)
Broken Wish. So very excited for this book :D Only read one by Julie so far, but I loved it. I'm so excited.
Among the Beasts and Briars. Felt a little bit meh about this, but could not resist buying that cover. Oops.
Cinders & Sparrows. This book sounds pretty awesome. And I very much hope that I will end up loving it.
Ninth House. US and UK paperbacks have arrived :D I didn't know about Waterstones. Sobs. One day.
Swamp Thing. I am so very excited for this graphic novel. Very much in love with Maggie and her books.
Fangirl. I simply had to have this graphic novel. As I did adore this book, all those years ago. Looks cute.
Serpentine. I had to have all the editions of this book. Oops. Could not resist. Ha. One day, I shall read it.
Fable + The Girl the Sea Gave Back. My personalized books are here :D And they are all very stunning.
Taylor Swift. Eee. Another of the different CDs have arrived, haha :) And gorgeous keychain. Love it so.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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