Saturday, October 10, 2020

In My Mailbox #466

Oh. Another week gone by. So fast. This time I did get to read a book, though, so I'm pleased with that :) Planning another one very soon. <3 I have been so busy playing Animal Crossing all the time. Oops. I haven't missed a day since late March. And I won't. Love it too much, ha. And also playing Pokemon Go each day too, on three accounts. Oops. So yeah. So busy. Then family too. And bad health. And I'm just trying to survive the days, haha. But yeah. Hoping to do more soon. Hoping to catch up more. Oh. And I also play Wizards Unite. Haaa. Yeah. Save me. I play too much. But love them all too much too. Oops. Oh, well. I'm still doing mostly good. No corona yet in my town. Still hoping it might never get here. But I know it will. Sigh. Then my life will be changed too, like the rest of yours. But so far I'm good. And I am hoping all of you are too. <3 A couple of new posts. This week I'm waiting on All These Warriors. <3 And shared my review of Wishes and Wellingtons :) And then there was all the mail I got this week. Eeee. Oh. Look at it all :D OH MY GOSH. Best trade. Amazing friend for helping. Lovely Lightbringer hardcovers. Sigh. So happy with all of it. Also remembered that my blog birthday post must go up tomorrow. Haaa. Yeah. So putting that together now :) Nine years. Gosh. I have been blogging forever, haha :) Still love it.

Lightbringer. EEE! My precious. My love. I am so scared. It is huge. And perfect. And so very pretty. Sigh.
The Lives of Saints. I cannot wait to read this gorgeous thing. <3 Stunning US edition :) Must read soon.
The Lost Book of the White. Oops. You know I must get all the editions. Including international pback :)
Murder on Cold Street. Eee! I am so in love with this series. And I can't wait to read this newest. Sigh. <3
The Tower of Nero. Haaa. Am I forever behind on the books? Maaaybe. Am I still buying them all? Yeah.
Splinters of Scarlet + All These Monsters + Shadow and Bone + Fable. AHH! Biggest thank you to God of Wax for trading all of these with me. Sniffs. I am SO HAPPY. And dying a little. Look how gorgeous :D Oh my gosh. I have Shadow and Bone. Sobs. SO HAPPY. Thank you Becky for helping me get them all. <3
Book Sleeve + Pin. Ahh! Thank you so much Becky :D Love this sleeve that I bought from her; Story Hero. <3 It is fully gorgeous. Eee. Igniting Darkness pre-order pin. Thank you so much for helping. <3

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