Saturday, October 3, 2020

In My Mailbox #465

Oops. I did not read anything this week. Ack. I just haven't been able to make myself start something. How rude. I know what I'm reading next. And I am excited about it. I just.. cannot start. Ugh. Hopefully soon :) A little bit of mail this week. <3 But only one blog post. Ack. This week I'm waiting on Wishes and Wellingtons :) I'm doing the best I can. A bit exhausted and behind on even more, as usual. And  taking down my spa bath tomorrow. Sobs. Will miss it so during these long winter months. But yeah. Haven't been having my baths as often as usual this year either. I just. Haven't had time or energy. Which fully sucks. Sigh. Hope this winter passes fast. Fingers crossed. So yeah. Hoping to start reading in a few days :) Also just busy playing Animal Crossing New Horizons all the time. Still. Oops. It is still the very best, eee. <3 Hope you are all doing well. And staying safe. The world is still very much a mess. Sigh.

Book of Maps. I saw this once. Had to have it. Eee. But got the UK edition. It's gorgeous. Love the maps.
Runaways: Canon Fodder. Oops. I haven't started volume one of this series just yet. I will. One day :D
Skyhunter. I could not resist buying this hardcover. Ack. I did not love this book, but I did like it even so.
Dæmon Voices. Oops. New UK paperback edition. With black pages. I had to have it, haha. Also, Philip.

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  1. Congrats on your blogoversary! I enjoy sharing about books too, and although I don't have a blog, I always support authors by reviewing.


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