Sunday, July 12, 2020

Review: A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani

Fifth time reading and still as good as the first time I read it. And even more painful, I'm sure. Ha. It is such a precious and special story. Yet the heartbreak is killing me. A little bit of drama. A lot of hurt. All amazing but so very painful to read about. I loved every moment. Sigh. This is such a great second book. Every part of it.

I admit that I was so nervous while re-reading this one. Because it is my least favorite of the series. Yet still five stars, always, and I still love it to pieces. But gosh. Some of the drama and betrayal just kills me. Hmph. Hard to read through. Good and well written. But gosh. The pain is real. And I would not have it any other way.

As always, Agatha is still my most favorite character. And I still love to hate Sophie, haha. They have been home in their village for nine months now, being best friends again. They are happy. Well, they think so. Until Agatha makes a wish for her prince. A wish for a different ending to her fairy tale. Which opens up their book again. And with people from the woods around their village trying to kill Sophie. Agatha want to take back her wish so badly, but it is too late. And, honestly, I did not blame her at all for wanting a different ending. Agatha changed so much from book one. From being all alone and thinking that she did not deserve a happy ending. To now feeling like a princess, wishing for her boy. And she deserves this happy ending more than anyone.

I very much loved reading about the girls back in their village. Reading about their families. How Sophie feels about her dad. It's kind of heartbreaking. But so good. And I love Agatha's mom. But they could not stay in the village. Those wanting Sophie dead kept destroying it, and so the elders took Sophie away, to give her to them. Those old men were such evil people. Hmph. But Agatha ran after them. Which ended up with them both back at fairy tale school. Now a much different school. The School for Girls and Boys.

Which was all kinds of awesome and weird to read about. I loved it so. There is so much going on. With Agatha wanting to be with Tedros. With Sophie wanting to stop them from sending her back home alone. So much pain and heartbreak yet so many good moments too. Everyone was different in this book and I very much loved that too. It was a little darker which was so good too. I just do not have words for how much I love this series and this book. The story is simply too incredible. Yet so fully rude and evil, always.

There is a different villain in this book. A new teacher. And I did not like her one bit. Hmph. But she is an awesome villain. How she fooled everyone. So rude. Then there was the whole plot about Sophie. She is most definitely evil. Yet she and Agatha keep thinking that she can be good. And so far in this series, she can not truly be good. She tries her best, but it is not possible. She keeps hurting Agatha. And it kills me so very much. I love their friendship. But I hate how Sophie treats Agatha. And it will get much worse. Ah.

I love how very much fairy tale this series is. With characters from the famous stories, their children in these schools. It was all so exciting and interesting to read about. I love reading about all of these lovely characters. Especially the witches. Sigh. They are simply too incredible. And I loved most of the teachers too. I did not like how they all treated Tedros for a while. Though, well, he might have deserved it all. Ha. There are so many plot twists in this book. So much happens. And I love reading about it. Sigh. So good.

Trying to figure out how time works in this series, though, is no easy thing. The characters were about fourteen close to fifteen in book one. Most likely. That book took place in three months. This book starts nine months after, so a year has passed. But this book only takes place in a few short weeks. What does confuse me are the school years, haha. How short are they? Hmm. But being confused about all of this does not really matter. Because I still love these books so much and I do not mind being confused at all.

A few things were simply too ridiculous. But this did not stop me from still loving this book the most, haha. But yes. Dot going from being super round to having a flat stomach, being said to have lost thirty pounds? That is way too few pounds. Not realistic. Same for Tedros having lost twenty pounds in one week? And looking bigger after eating one meal? Yeah, no. It also bothered me a little how they claimed to love each other so fast and be best friends so fast. It was all too fast. Yet I adored them all so. Did not mind it much.

A World Without Princes was still everything I wanted it to be and more. Okay, fine, I would have wanted more kisses, ha. But the story is fully good. I have read this book five times now. And I still love it so very much. Which is the best feeling. You all need to read this series too. It's simply incredible. Full of pain and magic and the best friendships. And the romance between Agatha and Tedros is going to be the very best and I can't wait to read about it all over again. Sigh. Though book three is the one that ruins me the most.


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