Friday, July 17, 2020

Review: The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani

Reading this book for the fourth time and I'm still as heartbroken as the first time I read it. Ha. This third book is still my favorite of them all. It hurts in all the right places. Although I'm not sure my heart can take more. It's also the book with all the best endings. For so many of them. It is a book filled with hope for the future.

At the same time as they watch their world almost be destroyed for good. There is so much going on this book. All of it exciting and interesting to read about. Agatha is still the most precious of them all, always. And Sophie is still fully complicated. I hated her the most in this one. Yet I still love her too, at times. Mostly.

The writing is still perfect, of course. Though I'm still confused about how time is working in these books, ha. It has not passed as much time as they are all claiming. Yet I don't mind this much at all. Too busy focusing on the amazing story. I shall not share too much about this precious book this time. Just sharing a little about how much I love it. It is the book that brings me the most pain. But it is also the book that makes me the most happy. All the Agatha and Tedros scenes are so good. First so painful and hurtful. Then so hopeful, precious, lovely and romantic. Their romance is the best thing. And the friendship between Agatha and Sophie is so good too. Though I may have wanted Sophie dead for most of the book. Oops. But even so. I loved her as well.

This book is about the war between the old villains and everyone else. It is about Agatha learning to love herself like she should. About her learning to set herself first at times, although she pretty much never do this. Agatha is the most good person in all of these books. And I loved her so very much because of this. She deserves all the love and all the happy endings possible. And I still want Tedros to give her the world. So fingers crossed for that in the next books, haha. I just. Agatha is the very best and I love her so much.

Then there was Sophie. Having chosen the young evil school master as her love. This does not go well. And Sophie changes so much. She gets so evil at times. It's heartbreaking to read about. As all she really wants is to be loved. Not to end up alone. But she chooses all the wrong ways to get her happy ending. She hurts many people. Agatha most of all. I will probably never forgive Sophie for trying to take Tedros away from Agatha. And not even feeling a little bit sorry about it. Hmph. Yeah, I am a little angry with her.

But gosh, how good this book is. We see more of the famous fairy tales. Meet some of the older heroes from those tales and their villains too. This book is so dark at times. I loved it so. It focuses on them all trying to save the fairy tale world from ending. Well, the good people trying to save it anyway. So many secrets are revealed. I loved the story about Sophie's mother. Heartbreaking but good. I loved learning everything in this book. So much is revealed. All of it awesome. How I love all of the side characters too.

I could probably talk about this book forever and ever. But not sharing much more about it. I just love it so very much. I love the relationships between them all. I so love the amazing friendships. I love the schools and the teachers. They are all awesome. Most of all I love reading about Agatha. Sigh. Though I feel like maybe the death of her mother should have been bigger, aka more grief. Still. It was still written so well. And I just love this world to death. I cannot wait to read even more about it. So excited for the next books.

The Last Ever After is still the most perfect book to me. Completely heartbreaking and evil. Fully hopeful and good. This book has it all. It still hurts my heart the most to read through the beginning. Agatha is in so much pain. It is the worst. But still the best too. Sigh. I simply love Agatha too much, haha. I cannot stand seeing her in pain. Hmph. But yes. This book still means everything to me. It is still my favorite of them all. Though I haven't read book five and six yet, so it might change. But I doubt it. This is perfection.

There is so much I love about these books. The gorgeous covers. I mean, come on. They are stunning. I love the illustrations in the beginning of each chapter. So precious. I love this fairy tale world. Adore these amazing characters and how different they are. I love that this is a story about good and evil. And how it's possible to be both at times. I'm so glad I found these books. So glad I'm reading them again now. I know that I will still read them again and again. If you still haven't started, you are missing out on the best story.

And because Sophie knew that deep, deep down, in the pit of her soul, Agatha was Good.
And when put to the test, Agatha would sacrifice everything to stay true to that Good.
Even if it meant surrendering her battle to win the war.
Even if it meant giving up her prince.
Even if it meant her prince giving up her.

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