Saturday, July 11, 2020

In My Mailbox #453

Whoops. A second week with no books in the mail. Uuugh. But got one pop figure, haha :) But yeah. I am waiting and waiting on my books. Sobs. Been two whole months of waiting on one of them. Sigh. Over a month for most. Beyond annoying. I want my books. Hmph. Also, now we only get mail two days a week. Three days the week after. Instead of five days a week. So rude. Hoping this coming week will bring me lots of missing books, haha :) Plus side, I have read two books this week. <3 A bit slow going, but have started my re-read of The School for Good and Evil books. And I am so excited. Second review coming up now after midnight; have to write it first. So happy to be re-reading these books again. Sigh. Anyway. I got medicine again this week. First time in my own town. It went very well; and the place was so so nice. Back again in four weeks. Hoping I can always get medicine there. Fingers crossed. But I'm not feeling all that well not after getting it. Sigh. Hoping it passes soon. Two new blog posts. I shared my fifth review of The School for Good and Evil. <3 This week I'm waiting on Dustborn :D I hope you are all doing good and staying safe, always. <3 I am still doing my best :) We are finally getting some low summer warmth, haha.

Iron Man. I couldn't not buy this most precious thing. Love him so. Worst scene in all the movies. Uuuugh.

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