Friday, July 24, 2020

Review: Quests for Glory by Soman Chainani

Finally got to read this a second time. And gosh, I had forgotten how much this book hurts. How rude. It's so good. But so full of pain at times. It's the worst. But also the best. I am just so happy that Soman decided to write more books about these characters. Sigh. I can't wait to finally get to read the final two books as well.

But oh. This book hurt my heart. It takes place six months after the end of book three. With Sophie as dean of Evil. With Agatha and Tedros having moved to Camelot to rule as king and queen there. But things are not going very good for them. And reading about it all was so heartbreaking. But so good and I love it all so.

The writing is perfect, as always. The illustrations are still fully gorgeous. And the covers are still blowing me away with beauty. Sigh. So precious. I still love this world the very most. I love the fairy tales and all the characters. I love the magic and danger. It is all so exciting and thrilling to read about. Most of all, I still love Agatha more than anyone. And she's still in pain in this book too. Hmph. So not fair at all. They arrived in Camelot six months ago. With Tedros about to be crowned king. But this did not go as it should have at all. Everything went wrong. First his speech. Then the test his dead father had given him. He was unable to pull his sword, Excalibur, out of stone. It would not move for him. He tried it so many times. And so he was not crowned king at all.

And this gave a whole bunch of troubles for him and Agatha. Hmph. They spent six months ignoring each other. He did not ask for her. He did not go to her. She was all alone in a new place without the comfort of her prince. I am still a bit angry about all of this, haha. I still really really hope that Tedros will finally make it up to Agatha in the next two books. Agatha deserves the world. And he treated her so badly in all of this book. I am not pleased. Yet I still adore Tedros very much too. And I ship them more than anything. Sigh.

But yeah. This book was also about their classmates back at school. During their fourth year, they were all sent on quests to prove their worth. All of them should have been easy to get done. But they have all been going badly for the students. And so Agatha and Sophie are sent to rescue the students and look for what is causing all the trouble. It begins with a dead boy. Which was all kinds of sad. But then we got to read about all the other characters too. And I love them all so very much. Sigh. I love their friendships.

Hester and Anadil and Dot. The most perfect witch's coven. Dot is still the best person of all of them. But I love them all the most. And Hort. Sigh. Poor Hort. I do adore him. But he deserves so much more. There was a new character, Nicola. Whom I loved a whole bunch. A little unsure about her at first, but I grew to love her very much. I fear her ending will be bad. Ack. Many other characters are in this book too, and I just loved reading about them all. Especially Tedros's mother. She is fully complicated and I love her tons.

This book was about a Snake in the woods. A villain out in the woods causing trouble and hurting people. Killing people too. And he want to take over Camelot. To prove that he is the worthy king of them all, not Tedros. The story about all of this was exciting and interesting. So many plot twists and secrets. I loved them all. But gosh, reading this book again made me so nervous, haha. As I knew the ending. I wished it would not happen again. Oops. But it did. And now I am even more excited to finally get to read book five.

Then there was Sophie. She and Agatha are still such good friends. I love that so very much. Although Sophie is all kinds of complicated. I still love her, though. But yeah. Sophie was way too trusting when it comes to boys. You do not agree to marry someone you met a couple of days ago. Ugh. I just. I adore Sophie. But her falling on love with Rhian that fast was not okay. She should be way more careful and way better at reading people. So much happens in this story. Most bad things, ha. But all written so well.

There is so much I could say about this book. But I shall not say much more about it. My thoughts are a mess right now. I'm just so happy to finally be reading these books again, to finally get to know how it all ends. I cannot wait for it. Quests for Glory was such a perfect fourth book. Full of issues and pain and so much amazing. It was everything I could have wanted it to be. Okay, I always want more of Agatha and the love she deserves, haha. These books are pretty close to full perfection. You need these in your life.

The Snake become the Lion and the Lion become the Snake.

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