Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Review: The Ever Never Handbook by Soman Chainani

Reading this book for the third time was a must after I finished re-reading the first three books in this series. And I am so glad I read this precious thing again. It took longer than I remembered, haha. But so worth it. It is a book that shares details about going to the school for good and evil. A handbook about surviving it all.

And so not really a complete book with a story, but still all kinds of incredible. And I loved reading it again so very much. It is still perfect. And there is still so much to learn from reading it, which I loved. The writing is stunning, as always. It is filled with precious artwork. All of it completely beautiful. This book was fully unique.

In a very good way. There is so much to learn in this one. What happened to all of the characters after the ending of book three. Although a lot of this is changed after book four to six came out too. But even so. This handbook is a must-read for every fan of these books after having finished book three. It is all kinds of fun and exciting too. I so loved seeing artwork from every part of the school. The trial by tale. The snow ball. Many of the characters from the books. It was all so awesome. And the illustrations were simply too good. There were entries by Hester too. Which I very much loved. That girl was too amazing. We learn more about Sophie and all the others too. Which was also the best. I might be growing to love Sophie and Hort more, as I always do, ha.

This book shared details about the school for good and evil. It shared about the different classes the new students would take, which was not really included that much in the three books, since they were at war more than they were in classes. Learning more about it all was all kinds of interesting. I so loved learning more about what they all do after their third years. And learning that the students that would be animals and plants were not that upset about it, haha. And they got a second chance after book three, thankfully.

There is so much to love about this handbook. I shall not share more about it. But gosh, The Ever Never Handbook is a must-read for every fan of this series. It is so much fun and interesting and so good. And fully beautiful as well. It's a peek at what happened after the first three books. But then we got three more books, eee. Which is even better, ha. But this small book was still so very much worth reading. All of the drawings of the different creatures were my favorite part of this book, I think. All of it was simply amazing.

The Evil attack. The Good defend.
The Evil punish. The Good forgive.
The Evil hurt. The Good help.
The Evil take. The Good give.
The Evil hate. The Good love.

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