Monday, July 6, 2020

Review: The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Reading this for the fifth time and it is still every bit as precious to me as the first time. I'm always nervous before re-reading a book I have loved. Yet I had no reason to be nervous. As this was still so perfect to me. I still loved every single thing about it. Though, of course, it still ruined my heart at all times. Loved this so much.

The writing was perfection. Had no trouble connecting with these precious characters, again. This world created is still the best. I love this fairy tale world so much. The characters are all way too cute and evil at times. I could not have loved them more. And the plot of this book still kills me. Every time. Full of twists. So good.

I have probably already said everything there is to say about this book four times before, haha. Yet I'm still sharing my love for this story. Though I'm having trouble finding the words. I have waited so long for the final book to come out, and still haven't gotten my copy of it. Hmph. But I was still going to re-read the other books first. And I am so glad that I finally started. I was nervous, that I would not love it the same way. But I did. I very much still loved this book to pieces. It still made my heart ache and fill with love. Agatha is still my favorite of them all. And she always will be. I'm still angry at Sophie, ha. Yet I love her too. Tedros still needs to make things up to Agatha. Rude. Yet I love him too. Every thing about this book was precious to me. I'm so glad it is still so.

The School for Good and Evil tells the story of Agatha and Sophie. They are teenagers living in a small village, set far back in time, it seems like. They are best friends. Though only recently became friends, it seemed like. But they needed each other. Agatha was dark and quiet, hated by the village. Ignored by them, not having friends. Sophie was all kinds of stuck up and rude and did not have any friends either. They were so different. Yet they became friends even so, growing to love each other. I loved it so much.

This book is pretty much all about their friendship. How it came to be, and how it gets destroyed. It was all kinds of exciting and heartbreaking to read about. They have grown up reading fairy tale books. Knowing that every four years two children over age twelve are kidnapped into a dark forest surrounding the town. Never to return again. Until they show up in new storybooks, having lived through a fairy tale. Sophie had dreamed her whole life of being taken. Of becoming a princess, meeting a boy, having her own fairy tale.

Then the day comes and it is not so simple. Agatha does not believe in all of it. Until a dark shadow come from the woods straight for Sophie's house. It takes her, and Agatha runs after trying to get Sophie back. But she ends up being taken along with her. Both of them taken for the School for Good and Evil. Sophie is sure she is going to Good, that Agatha is destined for Evil. But this doesn't happen. Sophie get dumped in Evil and Agatha in Good. Which is what this book is about. If this was a mistake. If it can be reversed.

And gosh, how I loved this story. But oh, how it ruined my heart. It is fun and sad and full of heart. I love these characters so much. Agatha is my most precious one. She is so alone and hurt and full of pain. She does not see herself the way she is. And her finally learning how to see herself made my heart so happy. Of course, a lot of pain before that. Agatha was beyond good and precious. There wasn't a single person in this school more good that her. They were all supposed to be good, but hmph. They were all so cruel.

Then there was Sophie. Convinced she is good, that she does not belong in the school for evil. Yet we all know that she is not very good at all. She thinks so badly about everyone. Even Agatha, her friend. She hurts people all the time. And gosh, she does so much evil. Ahh. Yet I still loved this girl. Because she did have moments of not being evil too. But yeah, she was no Agatha, haha. Still. I adored her too. Reading about her complicated friendship with Agatha was the very best thing. Full of hurt and betrayal and hope.

There is so much I love about this. The different schools. The teachers. The classes. The blue forest. The trials. All of it was so awesome. And all the different students. Sigh. Hester and Anadil and Dot were still so awesome. Dot most of all. This book was filled with magic too. And I very much loved that. And filled with creatures. All awesome. There were so many twists and turns and secrets. I liked them all, still. This book is simply still so very precious to me. And I am so thrilled that I still love it so very much. Eee. Sigh.

Okay. So. Agatha is still the most precious of them. And she still deserves so much more. Sophie treated her so badly through a lot of this book. All of the students did. And I am not happy about it. My girl better get the most spectacular ending of them all in book six. Hmph. And I still so want Tedros to grovel at her feet, haha. Especially in the next books. Anyway. The School for Good and Evil is way too good. And if you still haven't started it, you are for real missing out. It is a fairy tale like no other. Complete perfection.

It had taken her whole life to make a single friend. And here these girls had become
best friends in minutes as if making friends was the simplest thing in the world. Agatha
prickled with shame. In this School for Good, where everyone was supposed to be kind and
loving, she had still ended up alone and despised. She was a villain, no matter where she went.

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