Thursday, January 9, 2020

Review: Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

I have been meaning to read this book for years. I have been a fan of Courtney for ages, yet I had not read her very first books. I'm working on it. So glad I finally read this one. As I pretty much adored everything about it. Four stars, but it was almost perfect. And I enjoyed this book very much. Which I am so happy about.

What I love most about books by Courtney is how she is able to make all of her girls seem so real. They are all kinds of broken. But so strong. I love how she makes me love all of them, despite their flaws. Her characters are always so exciting to get to know. And her stories are always heartbreaking. Hmph. Yet so hopeful.

Which this book was too. But gosh, it was sad at times. But not all of the time. I simply loved getting to know seventeen year old Eddie. She was all kinds of adorable. Broken, but fierce. Unsure about her life at the moment. But trying her best. This book tells the story of her. How her father committed suicide a few months ago. How she had no idea he was unhappy or why he would do such a thing. She has been broken ever since it happened. And her mother has been too. Though her mom might have been worse. Which was hard to read about. But felt so real too. My heart was aching for them both. This is a book about grief. About a girl trying to learn why her father would choose to leave her. It is a heartbreaking story. Not personal to me, but emotional.

There is so much going on in this book. But not all that much for me to right about, as I felt like this story was pretty short. So I will not say that much about it. Eddie is trying so hard to find out why. Things are tense between her and her best friend, Milo. Whom I loved to pieces. Her life isn't as easy and simple as it was before. And all she wants is to figure out why. Why her father would just leave them like that, with no explanation. I liked learning more with her, even though she did not learn all that much. So very rude.

Eddie ends up meeting a boy three years older than her, Culler. She is attracted by him right away. Which I didn't support at all, haha. But I also did not blame her one bit. Culler was an old student of her dad; her father was a photographer and Culler is too. And so Eddie is dying to spend more time with him, to learn more things about her father. They go on a road trip together. Which I also so did not approve of. Hmph. But it was also pretty interesting to read about. I simply loved reading about the life of Eddie. I adored her.

Giving this book a four star because of the romance. Ack. I shipped Eddie and Milo so very hard. But this book was more about Eddie falling for the new guy, Culler. Which broke my heart a little. As I did not like this Culler guy at all. Oops. And I adored Milo to pieces. Sigh. Okay, he wasn't perfect, but he was perfect for Eddie. And she was perfect for him. And although this was not the romance book I had wanted, there were still some hints. And the ending was pretty good. I am pleased about that. Only wanted more, haha.

I do not have much more to say about this book. Fall for Anything was a story about a girl grieving for her dead father, trying to find answers. We learn much about her friendship with Milo, which I loved to pieces. I only wish there was a second book only about them, ha. I'm so glad that I finally read this book. And so glad that I enjoyed it a whole bunch. I so cannot wait to read even more books by Courtney. Only need to read her first two books to be complete. Excited to read them. You must read everything by Courtney too.

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