Saturday, January 25, 2020

In My Mailbox #429

This week have gone by so fast. Gosh. I only managed to read one book, ack. But that makes it a total of six books read this month. I am so happy about this. Might be able to read one book more, eee. I'm just unsure if I will have the time for it. Ack. About to spend many nights with my sister, so will be exhausted and have so little time, haha. But I shall try. Got this gorgeous ARC below that I'm excited about reading next. I worry about it. But it looks so gorgeous. Sigh. So I'm hoping to love it lots, eee. Anyway. I'm always exhausted. And pain all over. But I'm good. I got a new bed this week. Taller, so I have room underneath it, finally. I love it so far, haha. Only two blog posts, and two books in the mail. But that's okay. The books are gorgeous. Ahh. Love. This week I'm waiting on We Free the Stars. I shared my review of Kalahari :) Hope you are all doing well. <3 I'm getting there. Somewhat. It is slowly getting lighter outside. Finally :D

Wonder Woman: Warbringer Graphic Novel. Eee. So excited to read this version soon :D Loved the book.
Wardens of Eternity. Oh gosh. Thank you so much Harper360 :D EEE! Cannot wait to read this gorgeous.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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