Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Review: Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab

I was a little nervous about reading this second book. As I did not love City of Ghosts like I had hoped to do. But I still wanted to read this second one. And I'm glad that I did so. Because this book ended up being a four star for me. I found it to be adorable and exciting too and a little creepy. Which I am so thrilled about.

Especially when reading my review of book one my main reason for not enjoying it was the writing. And in this second book I had no issues with the writing at all. Almost no issues. I was able to enjoy this book from beginning to end. Which I'm pleased about. As it was a pretty excellent book to read. Also so very haunted.

I shall not write too much about this story, as the book is not all that long. It's short and easy to read, which I liked. Okay, yes, I still wish these books had been even longer, with more details, but this time I was lost in this story and did not mind too much. Like book one, this one is told from the point of view of Cassidy. She travels around with her mom and dad, as they are filming a paranormal series. And so they visit all kinds of creepy haunted places. This time it was Paris. Which I found to be pretty exciting. I liked reading about all of the different places and I very much enjoyed the catacombs. Those were the most exciting and a little creepy. I simply enjoyed this setting a whole lot, which surprised and pleased me. I had truly wanted to enjoy this sequel.

This series is about Cassidy and her ability to see all the dead. Her best friend is a ghost. Although most ghosts cannot travel past the veil, he can. And I completely adore Jacob. I only wish that he wasn't dead. Ugh. He was interesting, though. And so adorable. We learn his death story in this book. Honestly, I had expected more drama from it, ha. Instead it was just simple and sad. But good too. I honestly just adore Jacob and his friendship with Cassidy. They are the best of friends. Also, she has the most adorable cat.

Because Cassidy has the ability to see the dead she also feels like she has to help them move on. Which she often does. Though this time, it is not so simple. And this ghost turns out to be a poltergeist. A small boy causing all kinds of trouble and hurt. Which was even more exciting to read about, ha. And learning his story was the saddest thing. So heartbreaking. But so good, which is why I enjoyed this book so very much. I simply very much liked reading about Cassidy and Jacob spending time together, hunting ghosts.

There is not much more I wish to say about this book. I did not fully love it, but I enjoyed it a whole bunch. Tunnel of Bones was more than I thought it would be. And that makes me so happy. And now I just can't wait for the third book. Curious to know what will happen next. Even though I did not like book one all that much, I very much liked this second book. And so I recommend that you read them both. As this second one was such an adorable ghost story with great characters and good writing too. You must read this too.

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