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Review: Kingsbane by Claire Legrand

How will I ever survive waiting for book three? This second book killed me beyond words. I do not know how I will write this review of mine. I'm not sure I have any feelings left, haha. Kingsbane is all kinds of long, and it took me so many days to read it, but I did not mind one bit. Because I loved every word of this lovely book.

I have struggled all day long with writing this review. As I did not know how to begin. I still do not. As this book killed me. In good ways, and bad ways. Gave me so much heartbreak. Completely ruined me. Yet it healed me too. Okay, not too much healing, ha. I hope there will be more of that in book three. Just. Oh my gosh.

I have read Kingsbane. Which is a book I have waited so so long for. A book I have been dying to read for ages and ages. A book I have been so jealous to see everyone reading but me. And now I have gotten to read it too. Sigh. And I am not sure my heart will ever recover from it, haha. I'm not sure I want it to? Hmm. Claire is the most amazing author and person. I love her beyond words. I have been a fan of her since her first book came out, and have read and loved everything by her since then. She is the kindest person. But my gosh, how I'm angry with her right now, haha. Because this sequel to Furyborn ruined me in all the ways. Everything going wrong. There was so much heartbreak and grief. And so much romance. All of it so rude. But so very perfect too.

There is so much that I want to share about this book. But I will not. I will not be sharing spoilers, at least nothing big. Because, gosh, there are so many things I could spoil about this book. But they are all things you must read for yourself. Kingsbane was full of surprises and twists. Most of them bad, haha. But a few happy surprises too, that I loved so very much. As always, the writing was perfection. I had no trouble at all with connecting to the story or the characters. I might have connected a bit too much to everything, ha.

As with the first book, this was told from the point of view of Rielle and Eliana. With a very few other point of views later on in the book. Nothing big, but needed, at least for me. I loved getting inside of their heads too. This book is filled with amazing characters and they were all awesome to read about. Although I love my Rielle and Audric and Eliana the most. Remy is still beyond precious. I'm still the most worried for him. How rude. He was truly adorable in this second book, though, and I simply love him so. Best little brother.

Rielle was my most precious one in book one. In this one she really tested my love for her. I still love her to pieces. But I am so angry with this girl as well. She was so different in this book. The same person, yet different. She is always angry. And cruel too. And way too rash about everything. Yet she is the sweetest toward Audric. And I loved that the very most. But yes. Rielle was an angry creature in this book. And I'm so mad at her. I'm so worried for her, because of how I fear there was a reason for how she behaved. Oh.

This whole book worried me. So many bad things happened. And much worse is yet to come. I'm so not sure how I will survive reading it all, considering I'm still dead after having read this one. Rielle is making me so worried. I love this precious girl so much and I want her to have a happy ending. But I do not know how this will happen. She has done so many bad things now. Then there is Corien. He is there, still awful, but not in this book as much as I had feared. Book three will be worse. My poor heart might not survive it.

Then there was my precious Audric. He is in this book a whole lot. He is still the light of everything. He is always there for Rielle, even when she is doing all the stupid things. He is there and loving her and taking care of her. Their romance is all kinds of intense. And also so lovely. And I ship them beyond words. And I worry for them even more. Audric is my love. My life. And he deserves the whole world. Hmph. There are scenes with the gorgeous godsbeast too, and I loved her to pieces. So truly adorable and cute and fierce.

There was so much of Ludivine too, and she is so complicated, and Rielle treats her so badly in this book, and it just ruined my heart. Okay, I was kind of angry with Ludivine at times, but I still loved her a lot. And she deserved better from Rielle. Hmph. And then there was Simon. I still do not fully love this man, haha. There are too many things we still do not know about him. But he's there, a lot. There is romance. Maybe. And it was written really well. But oh, I want my Eliana with someone else, still, haha. Still. They are cute.

And Simon was written well. And I did like reading about him, truly. I just. I want him as a friend, haha. Yet he was not all bad. But too mysterious. Anyway. Eliana was all kinds of fierce in this second book as well. I loved her inner struggle and such. I loved how she tried her best to save Navi. I loved her friendship with Zahra. I very much loved how she was working with her powers, struggling to understand it all. Trying her best to cope with being the Sun Queen. It was awesome. And I simply adored Eliana. So fierce and cute.

So much is going on in this book. In the past and in the future. There are wars. There are deaths. A whole bunch of stunningly written smut. Amazing friendships and romances. I will not share much about the plot only that it was stunning and so much happened. And I am so curious and so worried and I loved it all so. This whole book ruined me. Beyond words. And I could not help but love it so much. I need the third book more than anything. I fear it will ruin me forever. I cannot wait for it, haha. It will be the best one, I'm sure.

Kingsbane was everything I had wanted it to be and more. Full of danger and adventures and romance. Such stunning relationships and so many plot secrets. It ruined my heart at all moments. And I could not help but love this even more because of that. This second book have made me even more worried about how everything will end. I am so unsure about my happy ending. I don't know how it will happen. I want it to. I need it to. But I am also beyond positive that the third book will hurt me the most of them all first. Ah.

Huge thank you to the publisher, Sourcebooks Fire, for letting me read this most gorgeous book early via Netgalley. I'm so thrilled that I had the chance to read this one early. And oh gosh, I'm getting a print ARC in the mail too, for my collection, and I could not be happier. Sigh. I cannot wait to own all of the finished copies when Kingsbane come out in May. If you have read Furyborn, you truly must read Kingsbane too. It was such a perfect second book. Full of pain. Full of heartbreak. Treasured every moment of reading it.

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  1. "Stunningly well written smut", lol! I love it! Glad to hear this was a total win for you, Carina and I hope you get your hands on book three soon. :)


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