Saturday, February 16, 2019

In My Mailbox #380

Hello. I read Aurora Rising this week. Eee. And I loved it so :D But also only read that, haha, so still a little behind. <3 But it was such a good book to read. Sigh. And oh my gosh. I'm re-reading Furyborn next. And reading an eARC of Kingsbane after that. What. I'm not ready. Ahh. But SO EXCITED. Still need the print ARC more than anything, though. Oh. Anyway. This week have been pretty exhausting. Turned my laptop in for service, second time, on Monday. It still haven't arrived at the service place. Uugh. Trying to survive without it. Did a different version of borrowing a laptop to use while I wait, and I regret it so, hah, because this brand new HP laptop I use right now is the slowest ever. Unsure why. Probably to annoy me to death. But anyway. Hoping to find time to catch up more shortly. Fingers crossed. I also had my hospital visit this week, which is always exhausting. But went okay, like always. And gosh. So so many new blog posts this week, aaack :) Could not help myself from sharing a bunch of things, haha. <3 First I shared the cover for Five Dark Fates :D I shared the title reveal for Renegades #3. <3 This week I'm waiting on The End and Other Beginnings :) I posted my review of Aurora Rising :D I shared the UK cover reveal for Darkdawn :) And finally posted my review of The Deceivers for the blog tour. <3 I also got a bunch of stunning books this week that I love, eee :D So much awesome, always. <3 Okay, a bit too much, as always, ugh. I need more room. Sobs. I do not have more room. Hmph. Anyway. Please leave a comment if you have time :)

King of Scars. Waterstones signed copy :D Love! And international paperback. Both are very gorgeous.
The Triumphant. Okay, I have only read book one, but now I own them all, haha :D And I will read them.
The Waning Age. Eee. I adore this author :D Simply cannot wait to read this new one. Seems awesome.
How To Train Your Dragon 3. More of these precious books, haha. I simply love them so much. So pretty.
Warrior of the Wild Swag. Eee! Thank you so much Tricia for this most stunning pre-order swag :D Love.
Sawkill Girls bookmark. I adore this pretty bookmark. Thank you so much Beth for trading this with me :)

Kingsbane. EEE! Huge thank you to the lovely Sourcebooks for letting me read this most gorgeous thing early via Netgalley :D Ahh! I cannot wait to start it. Have already peeked, haha. Could not help myself :) I will be re-reading Furyborn first, tomorrow, and my god, I am so excited. Kingsbane will be so perfect. Eee.

We Hunt the Flame. Ahh! Look at this most gorgeous thing :D I'm autoapproved by Macmillan on Netgalley, but not for wishes only, which this book have been for ages. But saved the link, and have been checking often, and suddenly I could download it, ahh :D I am SO excited to be reading this stunning thing later this month.

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  1. I hope they solve the issues with your laptop and good to hear the hospital visit went well. Nice new haul this week!

  2. Laptop issues are the worst! Glad to know you've got it back now, though.

    Love How to Train Your Dragon. Hope to take my grandson to go see it soon. :)


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