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Review: Furyborn by Claire Legrand

This book is so precious to me. Finding words to describe it will not be easy. This is my second time reading this lovely book and I might have loved it even more this time. My love keeps growing every time I see something about these books. And my heart get more and more ruined, haha. So unsure how everything will end.

I am so glad I finally made myself re-read Furyborn. I have been wanting to read it again and again since I read it ages ago. But I have waited. Waited until I could read Kingsbane as well. Which I now can, eee. Though I am not sure I'm ready for that, haha. It will ruin me beyond words, I know. But gosh how I will love it too.

Furyborn was every bit as perfect this second time as it was the first time I read it. And that makes my heart so happy. Because this book is so very precious to me. I love it beyond words. The characters are incredible and I love them to pieces. The world is big and lovely and everything is so well written. And gosh, how I adore the author. Claire is simply my favorite person. Always so kind and lovely and sweet. She is such a fantastic writer too and I have loved each and every one of her books since her first one came out. She is the best. And I own all the copies of every book and have the biggest collection of them all, I'm sure of it. So in love with it all. So anyway. Claire is my favorite person and author. And I adore her. Thrilled that I love her books the most.

Which is why it makes me even more happy that I loved Furyborn so much this second time. Eee. I was a little nervous, as it has happened before that I re-read a book I love and find that I did not love it the same at all. But this was not the case with Furyborn. Because my love has grown. And I'm very thrilled about it. Yet so nervous too, because I am now even more unsure about how everything will end. I still have hope about my happy ending in book three, but I don't know how it will get to it. Hmm. So nervous. So excited.

But yes. Time to actually write about this lovely re-read. I'm struggling a little to put all my thoughts into words. Simply because of how much I loved this book. I do not think I will write all that much about it this second time. I will not share too much about the plot or things like that. Will mostly just write about how much I love this book and these characters and this incredible world. Sigh. And if you have still not read this book then shame on you. Because it is perfection. And you all need to have it in your hearts as well.

This book is told from two different point of views. A thousand years apart, set in different places of this world. Yet these two girls are connected. In the most amazing and horrible way and it killed me to read about it again. I mean, honestly. That first chapter is the most rude thing I have ever read. I cannot deal with it. I need it undone. And I think it can happen. It must happen. Oh, how I hope it will be undone. But anyway. That first chapter is all kinds of horrible and spoilery and beyond perfect. So well written. So evil.

In the past there is Rielle. Best friend of the crown prince, Audric. Best friends with Ludivine too. And the friendship between these three were so perfect. They were adorable together and very close. I loved that. Rielle has magic. Every person in these kingdoms have an element they can master, with an item that let them access their power. But Rielle does not need an item. And she can master all seven elements. That was all kinds of awesome. It has been hidden from everyone, but it's all revealed when she saves Audric.

And so this book is about Rielle having to earn the title of the Sun Queen. Proving that she is the queen that will save them all once the angels return, that she is not the Blood Queen, the one that will doom all of them. Yeah. It is not easy. There are trials for each magic power and it was all interesting and exciting and a bit dangerous too. I loved it so. She have also been in love with Audric for years. And he with her. But they have done nothing about it, for complicated reasons. At least, until now, finally. Sigh. My loves.

The romance between Rielle and Audric pretty much murdered me. It was slow and fast and every kind of perfect. A bit of smut. So well written and sweet and I ship them beyond words. They are perfect for each other. And my heart is breaking because of what is to come. Ahh. Anyway. Rielle was such an interesting person to get to know. A bit dark. A bit light. Often angry, but so loving too. And I loved every part of her. So much. Audric was amazing too, all light, and all in love with Rielle. Precious. They were both the best.

Then there was Eliana, a thousand years into the future. I will not say that much about this girl. Only that I loved her so much more this second time reading the book. She is all kinds of soft, hidden beneath a cold front that she must have to keep her family safe. Which is all she want. So because of that, she is a killer. And though my heart ached because of it, I very much understood why she had made that choice. And I could not help but love her. Sigh. Eliana was precious. A little cold, but fierce and loving and kind as well.

And gosh, how I adored her little brother. Remy was all kinds of cute and sweet. I loved him very much. And I cannot wait to read more about him. I'm nervous, because I need him unhurt. He is too precious. I also very much adored Navi and Zahra. Cannot wait to read more about them. Still unsure about Simon, haha. There are parts of him I could love, I'm sure of it. Yet I feel so unsure about him. Still don't ship him and Eliana. I want my Harkan back. Aw. But gosh, Simon do have an exciting story to tell. Which I liked.

There is so much going on in this book. In the past and in the future. And how it is all connected. There are angels. There is magic. And every part of this book was incredible. There is much I could still share about it that I won't. But gosh, how I loved this plot. It was so rude. So evil. But so much fun too. Reading about Rielle and Audric made my heart happy. I love them so much. And all the other characters too. This whole book just makes me happy. And nervous, haha. But mostly happy. I love it so. With all of my heart.

Ha. I said I would not write a long review. And ended up writing way too much with all the details. Oops. I could not stop once I started. Which I am happy about, as I feared I would not find any words to write this review at all. I simply had to share all my thoughts about this book. Yet there are still so so much that I did not share. Furyborn killed me. So much. And I loved every moment of it. This book is all kinds of perfect and I love it beyond words. It's epic and exciting and romantic and evil and so good. Every kind of perfect.

I think I'm ready to read Kingsbane now. I am not sure I will survive it. But I will try. And gosh, how I hope I will love it beyond words too. I'm so nervous. Yet fully confident in Claire and her writing. I know she will hurt my heart. But I know she will heal it too. So yeah. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. I am so nervous. So excited. It will be the very best, I'm sure of it. Furyborn was once again everything I wanted it to be and more. I really truly hope you have all read this precious book by now too. It is not to be missed.

"This is how you hold your child. This is how you murder your husband."

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  1. I love it when the romance knocks you over, and when you love a read so much you do a re-read! Wonderful review, Carina! :)


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