Thursday, February 7, 2019

Review: House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig

The moment I saw the cover for this book I knew I had to have it. I then read that most thrilling summary and was even more sold on this book. And then I had the most amazing luck possible and won a personalized annotated ARC of it from Erin. Oh my god it is beautiful. Simply couldn't resist reading it as soon as possible.

Which I don't regret for even a moment. Because this book was completely amazing. And I loved it a whole bunch. I am giving it four stars, although I loved it, it was not fully perfect. But almost. And I will remember this book for ages and ages. And will read it again. And own all the copies of it. It was so beyond good. Sigh.

There is so much going on in this story. And I do not know where I will begin. It's a book filled with secrets and twists. Full of death and danger. Filled with so many sisters and their relationships. It was the cutest. It had an adorable romance too, for the main girl. Which had a twist too. Which I loved. I didn't guess anything that happened at the end of the book, haha, and I loved that beyond words. It was awesome to be so surprised. Also rude, because of the deaths, but I loved how things were explained in this book. It was done so well. And oh, the writing was gorgeous. Did not have any issues connecting with this story or the characters. Which were so good. I will be sharing some of my thoughts for this book. A little bit of the plot. No spoilers. At least nothing big.

This book tells the story of Annaleigh. She lives in a manor by the sea. Her father has a lot of money, so she and her sisters have all they could ever need. Except each other. Their mother died after giving birth to the latest girl, six years ago, making the sisters twelve in total. Such a big family. But four of the sisters are dead. And everyone says the Thaumas family is cursed. Which each of the girls slowly starts to feel like is true. Was pretty heartbreaking to read about, honestly. They all love each other so much, though.

And reading about these sisters was the very best. I will not mention their names, because they were so many, but I adored each and every one of them. Even those that were dead. I loved getting to know more about all of them. Although, yes, Annaleigh was my favorite, and I loved that the book was from her point of view. Her relationship with her sisters was so adorable. I loved their cute fairy shoes. All of the dresses and balls. They find a hidden door leading to a different place. And so very much happens with that. Ack.

There is so much going on in this book. The plot is big. And so good. I will not mention much about it, to be honest. Four sisters are dead. Their father has a new wife, whom is pregnant with twins. I somewhat liked this woman. She was interesting at least. Their father was a bit up and down. A good dad, mostly, I think. But the very best part was just reading about the sisters spending time together. Mourning the dead ones. And trying to figure out if there truly was a curse and how they could avoid not being the next to die.

This book takes place in the past. And I loved that. Books that feel historical are always fun to read. I also loved all the weather in this book. I loved how it took place by the sea. It's all kinds of creepy at times and I liked that too, a whole lot. There is so much I could say about this book. Yet I have already said way too much. Yet almost nothing about the plot. You simply have to read it yourself to know it. Everything should be experienced without knowing what happens next. So so many surprises. Some good, most bad, haha.

This book is full of magic. Okay, only a little magic, but it was stunning and done so well. I loved it. I also loved the small mentions of different gods in this world. It was interesting to read about, as they were so different, and so awesome. Religion is not for me, but the gods in this one would have been, haha. There was so much to get to know in this book. And I loved figuring it all out. There is a secret about the balls at midnight in a different place. About what happens to their shoes when they dance. Was good and creepy.

There is romance in this book. Annaleigh meets a boy named Cassius. Whom she likes right away. They get to spend a few moments together, and those moments were the cutest. I simply adored reading about these two together. The romance is small but was important too. I wanted all the happiness for Annaleigh. And gosh, how I loved getting to know Cassius. He was awesome. And full of secrets too. Learning them all was fun. I wish there had been even more of the boy, though, haha. I loved him. And shipped them so.

Another thing that I really loved, was that this book reminded me of The Haunting of Hill House, the show. And The Uninvited movie, which I need to re-watch immediately. I loved that this was somewhat similar to both. And I love all three, haha. This book was unique and different, yet it reminded me of this show and movie, and it was done really well. This is a book telling the story of twelve sisters. It also reminded me of Entwined, the book, too. Which was also great. There was just so much to love in this story. All amazing.

The reasons for why this book is a four star for me is because I felt like it all could have been even more creepy, haha. I was not as scared as I wanted to be. Although, yes, it did scare me at times. And was so creepy and lovely. I also found there to be a bit too many descriptions of things. As I always lose a bit of focus when there is too much described, lol. But the writing was beautiful. So I did not mind it too much. And I also wanted the ending to be a little longer, haha. But other than that, this book was perfect to me.

And I really need you all to read it when it comes out in August. Or before, if you have the chance for that. House of Salt and Sorrows was every bit as lovely as I had hoped that it would be. Dangerous, romantic and full of stunning sister relationships. It was written so well. And the world this book was set in was just stunning. This book was so good and I pretty much loved it. So thrilled I had the chance to read it early. I cannot wait to own the gorgeous hardcover too, when it comes out. You all need this book in your life too.

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