Saturday, February 23, 2019

In My Mailbox #381

I have been way too lazy this week. Oops. I finished re-reading Furyborn on Tuesday. And I have yet to start my eARC of Kingsbane. Ahh! I'm so nervous. But beyond excited, eee. I'm starting it tonight, and I cannot wait. Yet. Well. Worried, haha. Okay, I haven't really been lazy. Just been exhausted and haven't felt like doing much. Been playing mario kart with nephew all week, and played a bunch of pokemon go, and spent time with sister and baby niece too. So no time left. I'm still waiting on getting my laptop back from service, should get here this coming week, and gosh, I hope so. Because the laptop I'm using right now is actual garbage. Sure, brand new, but the slowest laptop I have ever used. What. I'm unable to do much at all, so still forever behind on everything. Sigh. But yeah. Laptop back next week. So I will finally get to catch up more :) Fingers crossed they have fixed the issue with it. Hmph. Anyway. Only two blog posts this week, as I only read one precious book, and didn't have anything else to post, haha. Did all my posts last week, lol. This week I'm waiting on Serpent & Dove :D Shared my second review of Furyborn. <3 Sigh. My precious. Also got some stunning mail this week, which I'm in love with :D And oh my gosh, waiting on some amazing things. Like.. an print ARC of Kingsbane :D AHHH! I AM SO HAPPY. And so excited. And so thankful. And simply cannot wait to get it and love it and pet it and treasure it always. <3

King of Scars. Haha. I know. I own too many copies :D But all different. B&N edition and UK pback. <3
Bloodwitch. I know, I know. I have yet to read book one. Ahh! But so hoping I will end up loving them :D
The Blood Spell. Eee! Gorgeous hardcover is out, finally. <3 Read it back in August, such a perfect book.
Hunted. Stunning US paperback edition is finally out :D I loved this retelling beyond words. Was amazing.
The Nightmare Before Christmas. I had to order this one when I saw that adorable cover. Love the movie.
Some Girls Are. After buying the wrong book, lol, I finally got the right one :D I love Courtney so much. <3
On the Come Up. Waterstones edition :D I have not read her first book yet, but now I own both. So pretty.
Winnie the Pooh. Everyone seemed to have loved this movie, and now I'll finally get to watch it soon too.
Pop Figures. Look how cute they all are :D Love. And invisible Gollum is just so awesome, haha. Love it.

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  1. I want to watch Winnie the Pooh, too! Sounds like you had some fun family time with your sister and little ones. Your cat is too cute! :)


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