Saturday, March 2, 2019

In My Mailbox #382

I managed to read Kingsbane this week, eee :D And I still feel pretty ruined because of it, haha. It took me days to read it, because my health sucks, but I loved it so. Sigh. It was such a perfect book. Beyond evil. Hmph. I have not managed to do much else this week, but I do not mind. Slowly getting things done. My laptop is back from service, finally, and I am so happy about that. I have missed it so, haha. I also got a bunch of stunning mail this week, which I love so much, and waiting on something even more amazing, and my gosh. I simply cannot wait, eee. I also currently have the best reading list. I'm hoping to be able to read a lot this coming week :) I did not get to post a lot of blog posts, but that's okay. Just wishing I would be getting more comments. One day, maybe. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Grace Year :D I shared my review of Kingsbane, eee. <3 I'm pretty exhausted lately, but doing okay despite that. As I'm always busy with family, with my sister. And her children, my nine year old nephew, and one year old baby niece. And a new baby boy arriving in just a month. What even. My life is already so busy, I may not manage a single thing when he comes, haha. But I am so very excited. Though, also, I will never ever have children of my own. Ha :D Hope you are all doing well. <3 I really need to have time to catch up again. I'm so far behind.

Last of Her Name. Yay! The hardcover is so very beautiful. I love it. This book was all kinds of awesome.
Sky in the Deep. Eee! Thank you Michael for selling me with Owlcrate special cover :D I love it so much.
Courting Darkness. Such a stunning UK paperback :D I loved this book so. This edition is so small. Love.
The Wicked King + Imaginary Girls. Ahhh! Thank you so much Etta for trading with me :D I am so happy.
Coraline Pop. YAY! Last one I needed. Thank you Funko Europe; so excited to have won it from you. <3
Figures. Look at that Dean! Ahh! I love him so, haha. They are all awesome. And love the IT figures. Ack.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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  1. Hope you feel better, Carina! And good news that your laptop is working again. I feel so lost without mine!

    You do sound busy with your nieces and nephews! I have a 3 1/2 year old grandson and a 10 month old granddaughter, and they're fun, but man to they wear you out! So much energy. They bring a smile to my face. :)


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