Saturday, March 30, 2019

In My Mailbox #386

For real. Another week gone by. Still no baby boy nephew born, but due day not until Thursday, so still time :) Cannot wait to see him. I managed to read two books this week, and still have so much to read, but so little energy. Feeling pretty crappy right now, health sucks. But trying to deal with it. But yeah. It's hard to catch up on things, hard to read, hard to do anything. Still. I'm trying. Slowly getting things done. But gosh, it would mean everything to me if any of you would leave me comments. I never get comments lately, other than spam. It is pretty heartbreaking. As I still have the same amount of views. Sigh. Makes me sad. Still, I'm here, blogging, and always will, as I do it for me :) But yeah. Would mean so so much to me to get comments too. A few new posts this week :) I shared the cover for The Magnolia Sword. <3 I posted my review of Song of the Crimson Flower :D This week I'm waiting on The Guinevere Deception :) And shared my review of To Best the Boys. Ack. Also got a bit of lovely mail this week, eee, which I love.

To Best the Boys. Such a pretty cover, ahh. But sadly did not like this much at all. Which hurts my heart.
Scorch Dragons. This one looks so lovely :D And I liked the first book a lot. Cannot wait to read this one.
Furyborn. Eee! Stunning new paperback editions that is coming out next week :D So so precious. Love.
Defiance. AHH! Thank you Alexa for trading with me :D Oh my gosh. I am SO happy to own this one :D
Yoshi. Eee. I had to get this game, haha. And have been playing it a little. It is pretty adorable and good.

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  1. I have to finish the Redwine series. I read the 1st book and have the second but haven't gotten to it yet.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth


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