Sunday, March 24, 2019

Cover Reveal: The Magnolia Sword by Sherry Thomas

I am beyond excited about this book. Eee. I adore Sherry beyond words. She has written some amazing books that I love a whole lot. And she is such a kind person too. And oh my gosh. I am so thrilled about The Magnolia Sword. A Mullan ballad. It will be so good. Sherry shared on instagram post, here, about the lovely artists who made this gorgeous cover. Go check that out. Because, my gosh, this cover is so beautiful. I cannot. It is stunning and perfect and I cannot wait to own this. I need it in my life already. Will be trying my hardest to find an ARC of this precious once those are out, eee. I simply cannot wait to read this book. It sounds incredible. And Sherry writes the best books. Eee. And the best romances. Sigh. The Magnolia Sword will be perfection. And I cannot wait to read it. What do you think of this lovely cover? :D

CHINA, 484 A.D.

A Warrior in Disguise
All her life, Mulan has trained for one purpose: to win the duel that every generation in her family must fight. If she prevails, she can reunite a pair of priceless heirloom swords separated decades earlier, and avenge her father, who was paralyzed in his own duel.

Then a messenger from the Emperor arrives, demanding that all families send one soldier to fight the Rouran invaders in the north. Mulan's father cannot go. Her brother is just a child. So she ties up her hair, takes up her sword, and joins the army as a man.

A War for a Dynasty
Thanks to her martial arts skills, Mulan is chosen for an elite team under the command of the princeling--the royal duke's son, who is also the handsomest man she's ever seen. But the princeling has secrets of his own, which explode into Mulan's life and shake up everything she knows. As they cross the Great Wall to face the enemy beyond, Mulan and the princeling must find a way to unwind their past, unmask a traitor, and uncover the plans for the Rouran invasion . . . before it's too late.

Inspired by wuxia martial-arts dramas as well as the centuries-old ballad of Mulan, The Magnolia Sword is perfect for fans of Renee Ahdieh, Marie Lu, or Kristin Cashore--a thrilling, romantic, and sharp-edged novel that lives up to its beloved heroine.

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